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​Demon Slayer Guide


​Demon Slayer Guide

A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock, and you’ve found out that you’re the only one who is destined to stop him.

There are no quests or stats requirement for this quest, but you should have the ability to defeat a level 27 demon and Dark Wizards of level 20 and level 7.

Items required:

- A bucket of water (which can be obtained during the quest)

- 25 bones (Shouldn’t be noted)

- 1 gold coin

Recommended items:

- Varrock teleportation tablets / runes

- Necklace of passage to teleport to the Wizards’ Tower (Member only, but you can also walk your way there)

- Food and armour (To defeat the demon and wizards)

To start this quest, you must speak to the Gypsy in the tent on the western side of Varrock Square. You will have to pay her a coin in order for her to tell you a story about a demon named Delrith. She will tell you that Delrith is being summoned again, and that you will have to kill him. Now, click on the option and ask her “So, how did wally kill the demon?”. You will now go into a scenario where you’ll see wally speaking out the incantations. Open your note pad or screenshot it as you’ll have to use the incantations further in the quest. Gypsy will now ask you to talk to Sir Prysin for help.

Head north into the Varrock Castle and look for Sir Prysin (Also known as Sir Ehntor Prysin) in the south – west portion of the 1st floor. Talk to him and ask him about the Silverlight, the weapon needed to kill Delrith. He will tell you that the sword is hidden due to it being very powerful and that it needs three keys to access it. He will also tell you that, two of the three keys are in the possession of Captain Rovin and Wizard Traiborn, while the 3rd key that had to be in possession of him, has been lost somewhere.

Now, the hunt for the three keys begin.

Captain Rovin’s Key

Captain Rovin can be found on the 3rd floor on the north – west side of the same castle. Talk to him about his key and that you need it in order to recover Silverlight, as the demon is going to destroy the city of Varrock. After an argument, he’ll give you his key.

Wizard Traiborn’s Key

Wizard Traiborn can be found on the 2nd floor of the Wizards’ Tower, which is south of Draynor Village, you can either walk your way there or use the necklace of passage to teleport. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he requires 25 regular bones for his spell. You can also kill the goblins outside Draynor Village or save up time by having them in your inventory beforehand. Once you’ve given him the bones, he’ll perform a ritual and hand you over his key.

Sir Prysin’s Key

Once you’ve recovered both the keys, head back to the Varrock palace and go into the kitchen which is in the north – east corner of the 1st floor. In any case you forget to bring a bucket with you, you can find one up the stairs and in the room to the east. Now, go down stairs and use the bucker on the sink kitchen to obtain a bucket of water. Next, when you head outside the kitchen door, you’ll see a drain near the north wall of the doorway. Use your bucket on the drain in order to obtain the key, the key will be washed down into the sewers. Head east out of the palace and climb down the manhole located south of the palace’s east walls. Now follow the path as shown in the picture to recover the key, it’ll be to your left – next to a pile of skeletons.

Here comes the final section of the quest. Head back to Sir Prysin and hand him over the three keys, he will then give you the Silverlight.

If you drop the Silverlight, you can talk to Sir Prysin for another one. It’s free as long as you’re doing the quest, after the quest he will charge you 500 gold coins osrs.

If you’ve forgotten the magical incantation, you can speak with the Gypsy at her tent in the varrock square to hear them again (Remember to note the incantation words).

Equip your armour, get any type of food for combat and head south of Varrock and then east, where you’ll see the stone circle surrounded by Dark Wizards. A scene of the demon being summoned will be shown when you enter the circle.

A Ring of recoil can be used to make the fight easier, you can also ignore the wizards and just concentrate on defeating the demon, Delrith.

Now, attack Delrith with the Silverlight equipped. Once his hitpoints reaches 0, you will have to say the magical incantations. Do note, if the wrong incantations are said – Delrith will regain his health to full.

After the incantation, Delrith will be sucked back in to vortex and the old school rs quest will be completed!

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