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​Crafting OSRS From RSGoldFast

May-03-2020 PST

1-99 Crafting OSRS

Crafting! One of Old School Runescape’s simplest most basic skills, which features players being able to craft jewelry amongst all levels and rarity, and other items too. Now, I’m sure we’ve all had a try at crafting. But with the ridiculous price tags sometimes associated with the skill, it can be quite intimidating to change. Fret no longer! We’ve compiled the best methods to get to level 99 crafting and be associated with the Runescape greats!


A very beneficial part about crafting, sometimes overlooked by the OSRS community – is quests! Quests are a series of fun and enjoyable explorable storylines that ultimately give you rewards. And some quests can even grant you crafting experience. And due to that, we highly recommended you have a go at completing a few quests in OSRS that grant crafting experience. This can not only save you money, but also grant you a few more levels that fast track your crafting journey! So, here’s all the quests in OSRS that can grant crafting experience, alongside the requirements they have, and the experience they grant.


Getting to 99

Alright – let’s jump straight into it! Now, we’ve specifically orchestrated our crafting guide to be adaptable and alternated as you go. Therefore, we’ve created 3 separate pathways that you can go down to train crafting. The first of which, is the cheap, but relatively slow method. The next is the medium method, and finally – the fast and expensive method. Regardless of what you choose, they are all high experience, optimal methods. And the best part is – you can switch between these pathways whenever you like! However, from levels 1-46, you’ll be sticking by the same plan.

Levels 1-7 – Crafting Leather Gloves

Starting the guide, you’ll be crafting leather gloves from levels 1 to 7. This is quite a quick section, so don’t get too comfortable! To complete this method, you’ll just need some pieces of leather, some thread, as well as a needle. With your items, head to a banking area where you can quickly access your stored items, such as the grand exchange. From there, withdraw your items, and use your needle on the leather, selecting the ‘Make all’ option for leather gloves, as shown by the image. From there, you’ll be making leather gloves. Continue until level 7.,

Levels 7-20 – Crafting Gold Bracelets

Moving on, you can enjoy a little bit of profit by crafting gold bracelets from levels 7 to 20. In order to do so, you’ll have to get some gold bars, a bracelet mold, and access to any furnace in OSRS. Personally, we recommend you use the Edgeville furnace, due to its quick access to a bank. At the bank, withdraw your items, then at the furnace, use the gold bar on it. Make all of the gold bracelets and sit back as your character does the hard work for you. Deposit your items at the bank and start over again – it’s as easy as that! Keep going until you hit level 20.

Levels 20-46 – Cutting Uncut Sapphires

Taking a break from the furnaces, you’ll now become an expert jeweler as you cut uncut sapphires from levels 20 to 46. As the name suggests, you’ll just need a bunch of uncut sapphires, as well as a chisel. Preferably next to a bank, just use the chisel on the uncut sapphires, and you’ll start making the sapphires. After an inventory is complete, simply withdraw some more and start the process all over again until level 46!

From here, you can pick the pathway you go down. We recommend you get a taste of everything and see what works for you!


Levels 46-87 – Making Unpowered Orbs

In the cheap and slow method in this Crafting guide, we’ll start by making unpowered orbs from levels 46 to 87. For this method, you’ll need a glassblowing pipe, and some molten glass. With your items, head to a banking area, and use your glassblowing pipe with the molten glass, and heading to the ‘orb’ section in the interface, select make all on it. Next, rinse and repeat! Don’t throw away your materials – you’ll need them in the next method!

Levels 87-99 – Crafting Light Orbs

For the final method in the cheap and slow section of this 99-crafting guide, you’ll be crafting light orbs from levels 87 to crafting mastery at 99. To do so, you’ll need a glassblowing pipe and some molten glass. Use the glassblowing pipe on the molten glass, then select the ‘Dorgeshuun Light Orb’ icon, and make all. After you complete an inventory, simply bank your items, withdraw some more molten glass and start again until you hit 99.


Levels 46-66 – Making Unpowered Orbs

We’ve already gone through this method before – go scroll up!

Levels 66-99 – Crafting Air Battle staves

Next up – we’ve got an AFK method that you’ll enjoy. From levels 66 to 99, you’ll be crafting air battle staves. To do so, you’ll need some battle staves and air orbs. At a banking area, simply withdraw 14 air orbs and 14 battle staves, and combine them to make air battle staves! It’s just rinses and repeat from there until level 99.


Levels 46-63 – Cutting Sapphires

To kick off the fast and expensive part of this Crafting guide, you’ll be cutting sapphires from levels 46 to 63. You’ve already done this before however – so scroll up if you’ve forgotten how!

Levels 63-71 – Crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies

Moving on, you’ll now get your first crafts of dragon leather! From levels 63 to 71, you’ll be crafting green dragonhide bodies, which require you to have a needle, some thread, and a large amount of green dragon leather. From there, just use your needle on the green dragon leather, select the green dragonhide bodies to make it, and repeat the whole process until 71.

Levels 71-84 – Crafting Blue Dragonhide Bodies

Straying away from green dragonhide bodies, from levels 71 to 84, you’ll be crafting blue dragonhide bodies. This time, you’ll need a needle, some thread, and a lot of blue dragon leather. Use the needle on the blue dragon leather, select make all on the blue dragonhide bodies. Deposit the blue dragonhide bodies into your bank and withdraw some more blue dragon leather and repeat all that until 84.

Levels 84-99 – Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies

You’re finally here! To finish our 1-99 Crafting guide in the fast section, you’ll be making black dragonhide bodies from level 84 to 99. For this method, you’ll need a needle, some thread and some black dragon there. Just like before, you’ll need to use your needle on the dragon leather and make all of the dragonhide bodies. From there, repeat the process until skill mastery at level 99!

That wraps up our Crafting guide, good luck! By the way, offer you the best runescape guides and osrs gold for you all the time, thank you.