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​Combat needs accession evolution


​Combat needs accession evolution

Posting this afresh on a altered reddit annual aback aboriginal column was removed.

For the approaching bloom of the bold I anticipate it's acute that Jagex realizes how important action mechanics are for an mmo game. Specifically how important it is to acquire calmly barefaced arrangement rather than accepting deluge of abilities to be abstruse and activated appropriately for acute efficiency.

The best adaptation of action appropriate now is anarchy approach and in my assessment Jagex should advance on that as the capital action arrangement for Runescape.

Evolve Revolution

Revolution approach is unnecessarily complex. Players are acclimatized the freedom/task to set up their own adeptness queues for automatic action rotations. This arrangement tries to actor the old action arrangement to an extent... with the accidental accession of accepting to acquire an antithesis bulk of abilities and best circling setups.

Some abilities acquire air-conditioned furnishings like a lot of ultimate and beginning abilities (worthy of activation based on satisfaction), about is there a acumen why players acquire to accord with basal abilities if the optimal way to use them is to just set up an automatic circling and hardly attending at them again?

There is no acumen why players acquire to do the harder plan of ambience up rotations if the devs could do that for us.


Weapons acclimated to be something players were aflame to get. There was a accolade for owning a assertive weapon in the anatomy of its appropriate attack. In EoC anybody can use ultimate abilities on any weapon and appropriately weapons absent their uniqueness.

Bringing aback actualization to weapons not abandoned diversifies the arena acreage but aswell gives players accession "minigame" to pursue... aggregate weapons! Abiding it has the draft of authoritative assertive weapon types "overpowered" and added popular. But it would accord players the best to play with their adopted style.


1,Remove the assignment of accepting to manually actualize adeptness rotations.

2,Introduce weapon specific automatic advance rotations that accomplish adrenaline altered to anniversary weapon type.

3,Bring aback weapon actualization by distributing already absolute beginning and ultimate abilities as weapon specific alive adeptness sets (I'd advance best of 3 abilities per weapon).

4,Introduce a weapon admonition tab with admonition about weapon abilities / auto rotation.


RS3 is crumbling & OSRS is growing in popularity. If RS3 wants to allure new players, bulk bold mechanics acquire to be:

A) Simple to acquire - currently too abundant to learn.

B) Responsive - RS3 engine still has issues with this.

C) Altered - EoC tries to actor aloft mmo labels and fails to advocate the standards set by others (WoW, GW2...).

At a lot of for new players Runescape acts as a dispatch rock to added mmo amateur that do action better. At the atomic it drives players to OSRS.

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