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Dec-23-2019 PST

Thank everyone greatly support in the 2019. Now 2020 is walking to us and we pretty pleased to launch the Big Christmas Promotion of RsGoldfast. During Christmas Promotion, every customer who places an order at RsGoldfast has a chance to participate in our Luck Draw (Spin Wheel). We have prepared 1,000 Million OSRS Gold stock at Give away. If you join the activity, if you are lucky one, you will win 50M OSRS Gold at our website.

All prizes of this Luck Draw are random, but winning rate is 100%. However, please follow several rules as below while joining the activity.

1. You must place an order first then you can do the lucky draw with your order number.

2. Have to ensure you dont have any bad history in our website, we wont give you prizes if you did charge back or fraud dispute through our website before, you would not receive your prizes either if your payment was unverified.

3. After you win, please contact our Live Chat service to take free gold, we just support trading your purchased gold and your won gold at the SAME time, Dont support split trades of the two things.

4. If you win Coupon Code, the code cannot be convert into Runescape Gold instead.But you can use the code in your next order.

Merry Christmas to All and Enjoy the Xmas Promo right now

Promotion Time - Dec.23th,2019 to Dec.30,2019