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​Changes to action settings are not updates

Oct-03-2018 PST

Changes to action settings are not updates. They are downdates. So I didn't apperceive that this amend was coming, or that it had happened, until I ran arch aboriginal into ED2.

I started blooping, hit F4 to change it so bang and ults wouldn't auto trigger, and saw the new interface. Anticipation I was hitting the amiss key. Approved again, no dice. *Slowly dying to bloops*

Hit the cog on the adeptness bar and was told NO. Ummm... what?

Legged it out of the alcove to sus out what was traveling on. Turns out accumulated has gone to bits in this interface and the affliction allotment is that you can't even accessible it in action anymore. So it'll now bulk you an bulk of adrenaline bar to change from Rev to manual, etc.

I accept I can right-click the cog and accept Revo or Abounding Manual, but I still wish basics to trigger, so this doesn't advice if I alone wish bang and ults to be off. I now accept to stop active through the dungeon, and delay for action to end just so I can tick/untick those 2 boxes. This makes no sense.

What's the go? Why about-face a arrangement that works into a arrangement that doesn't? In fact, I had anticipation of allurement for an interface (like our prayer, magic, inventory, etc windows) breadth we could exhausted revo/manual etc afterwards accepting to accessible those big windows up. Seems like there's no adventitious for something like that now if these are the downdates we're getting.

Consider humans who go from apache (revo bar) to bossing (full chiral at Telos, Araxxor, etc). It can be a suicide cruise if you accept the amiss action appearance on. Application your adren on thresholds you didn't wish to activate every time you got 50% adren. And you will not be able to teleport out or get out of action to change the setting.

What's added is, it seems like a lot of of the mods play RS as well. So you'd anticipate some of them would be allege up if added mods angle these annual and they go through the works. This feels like a change anyone fabricated just in passing, with no anticipation at all.

They aswell bankrupt the GE with that "update" they fabricated a anniversary or two ago. You seek for an annual (or action an annual for sale), bang on it, bang on the "Offer" box, the cursor appears, afresh it disappears as you alpha accounting a bulk in. You attending up and the box is still empty. If you hit advertise or buy it swaps it aback to mid action price. So if you don't apprehension this you can lose a lot of money like I did today.

I was boring affairs a assertive aromatic for 50k Runescape gold each. Mid was 3k. I annulled and afflicted the action slightly. It awry out and I hit advertise and awash 1k of them for 3m instead of what should accept been over 40m. Yes it was my fault, but I haven't adapted to the new glitchy GE yet, so it was just that addiction of affairs something quickly.