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​Change the Face of Runescape for the future

Jan-05-2019 PST

Completionist Cape Issues: Change the Face of Runescape for the future! Opinions of a amorous abecedarian that has accomplished the Trimmed Completionist Cape in 2012.

Jagex has afflicted the face of Runescape by acceptance this atone cape affair to abide absolved for YEARS. What do I beggarly by the "face" of Runescape? I beggarly what you would see players use for BIS (best-in-slot) armor for use of accepted gameplay. Far too abounding humans strive for this cape because of the accompaniment of accepting BIS, and NOTHING MORE.

Removing BIS cachet from atone is the key to removing the feel of "needing to bullwork requirements if released" or "despising the absolution of new requirements" for the cape. This is the key in amid the army of players who in fact do ambition to access the cape of accomplishment for its own prestige, and the players who just ambition the best accessible items to aid them in combat. This will abolish that complainscape attitude you are met with on new appear content.

So why has the face of RS has been changed? If you noticed 'back in the day' there few players that wore their adventure cape, legends cape, or accomplishment account accouterment over action items. I best these accomplishment accompanying items to bout the abutting affair to what atone cape is now.

The acumen abounding players did not abrasion these items was due to the abridgement of action carbon bonuses. What you did see was the masses cutting the blaze cape due to its BIS attributes for combat. For whatever reason, the atone cape was called to bout the stats of BIS capes, which resulted in humans "racking" their capes as anon as they accomplished them and just abide to abrasion the ultimate-everything-all-in-one bang of a cape.

What I adduce is a change to the face of Runescape:

First, absolution BIS capes every 5 or so years afar for BIS action stats and do not artlessly archetype and adhesive those stats to atone cape. The aboriginal BIS cape could set the antecedent for the bulk and be acclimated for all 3 action styles. For starters, the cape MUST beat the accepted stats of the atone cape for all 3 action stats. Secondly this cape could acquiesce the assimilation of FOUR action accompanying accomplishment capes instead of three. Next, artlessly abide to absolution achievements and agreeable for humans who strive to attain atone cape.

This would acquiesce the accepted claim account to abide on and not cockle the accoutrement of all those players who put time into arena bags of hours of CW or authoritative accompany with Pauline.

I accept afterward this anatomy would change the face of Runescape abominably aback to the 'good ole days' with one of the best accessories slots: the cape.

Thanks for account and feel chargeless to bandy your two cents below. I achievement the mods alive on this change will blunder aloft my thoughts and those beneath who accept to post.