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​Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clue Scrolls


​Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clue Scrolls

Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clue Scrolls or accomplish them Shorter? So, by no way am I an ardent Treasure Trailer. I accept about 1,000+ Elites done and about 500 Hards with 100 or so Adept Clues. I don't accept over 5,000 clues done like some so these opinions are abandoned abundance alone.

Through accomplishing clues for the accomplished year and a half, I noticed that Hards are usually the fastest with it accepting absolute aboveboard on breadth we charge to go RuneScape gold or what we charge to do. Masters would be the 2nd fastest a allotment of the 3 with a lot of it accepting aboveboard with some scans actuality and there and Elites demography the a lot of time because every footfall involves either a browse or a ambit which is acutely RNG on breadth we charge to go even if demography the a lot of able mapping and browse routes.

Typically, during a accustomed Meerkats Pouch (~40 minutes) I can do:

Hard Clues (8-10)

Elites (4-7)

Masters (7-9)

Now, of advance the way I do my clues may not be the a lot of able way but I accept I do them rather quick for the a lot of part. I've aswell noticed that with this, Hards will about action the a lot of rewards aback you'll accept admission to the a lot of loots and appropriately re-rolls and hopefully advantageous components. Aristocratic Clues are rather blah with mostly beneath 200k loots afterwards advantageous apparatus and Masters will about accord 400k even afterwards a advantageous component.

Personally, I feel as far as accolade v.s. adversity goes, It should be the college the adversity the added the reward. Now, of advance you can get one of the in actuality big-ticket dyes from the college clues and not get it from harder but dye hunting is a rather anemic aegis if it comes to Aristocratic Clues accepting so dull on the approved breadth I can about do bifold the bulk of hards and x1.5 the bulk of masters in the allegory to how abounding elites I can do.

So why do elites yield so long? Well, Compasses and Scans are heavily RNG as even with the a lot of able routes, they can still be in the endure breadth you attending at and even if they're in the 1st breadth you adjudge to check, its about still not as fast as a harder clue footfall breadth it basically just tells you who to allocution too or breadth to accomplish an emote. Furthermore, afterwards every individual step, you're accustomed either a Guthix Mage Action (which doesn't yield that continued if you're a college affiliated amateur or just use Meerkats to skip) or a Puzzle (Celtic Knot or Slider). Puzzles on Elites although not difficult, does use up in actuality a bit of time for even the a lot of accomplished solvers due to the arduous bulk of accomplish they yield and with every individual footfall accepting one or the other, it becomes in actuality annoying as thats not the case on Masters and Harder Clue Scrolls.

My Proposal / Solution:

Option 1: Shorten the minimum and best bulk of accomplish that an Aristocratic can ambit in. (Currently it is 5-10)

Option 2: Accomplish it a adventitious for Guthix Wizards or Puzzles to arise aloft retrieving a clue rather than it accepting guaranteed.

Option 3: Segment scans and compasses to assertive areas like Adept Clues breadth it tells you Eastern Lands or the Island that was already Turtles.

Option 4: Hardly addict rewards so they feel added advantageous to do.

TL:DR: I feel like Aristocratic Clue Scrolls yield too continued and are too dull in allegory to Hard/Master Clues and should either be beneath in breadth to be accustomed a added proportional accolade to the agnate difficulties or action added rewards accordingly.

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