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​Can the next accessory absolution get a Agnostic theme

Oct-02-2018 PST

Tl;dr - The next time devs absolution any array of action accessory at bank 70+, accord it the Agnostic theme.

Long version:

Long afore the god emissaries were released, we had items to represent Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, Armady, Bandos, and Zamorak.

After their release, those gods got a few added items. Sliske and Seren got some accessory with GWD2 (Seren got added themed with the absolution of Priff and The Light Within.) The arid pantheon saw some T92 accessory with Menaphos release.

Surprisingly, even Tuska got a Warpriest set with WE3.

The agnostic accept gotten a few corrective overrides (anima extra in WE3, some TH promo clothes).

But they've never in actuality gotten their own accumulating of equipment.

Now, they could consistently get a amalgam armor set in the warpriest affair (not the exact name, but still). Even accept it allotment the set aftereffect of the Tuska Warpriest (WE1 and WE2 armors had a duality. Plus it would brace it up so it would not change annihilation on the Slike's Parody aftereffect as it would allotment the aforementioned aperture as the Tuska set)

With new administration advancing out, there would be some allowance for a weapon to get a Agnostic touch. Or. Could even add an advantage for something like a Agnostic artisan to adapt the iconography of a new weapon to accept a Agnostic attending (that way you functionally accept 2 versions of the aforementioned weapon, array of like how alteration the base of a godsword brand can change the look, effect, and band aegis of the weapon.)

Godless were appealing abundant accounting out of all storylines involving gods. I dont even anticipate the endgame had a agnostic representative. Now that the 6th age godwars are mostly resolved, i dont anticipate they even accept a abode in the narrative

I candidly anticipate that cipher exemplified the agnostic added than Nomad in his adventure sequel, and he was presented as a villain.

The agnostic all-embracing dont accept that able of an artful theme. They're a hodgepodge of altered individuals from all over the place. It isnt like them to accept an official compatible aback they're active guerillas for the a lot of part.

I wouldnt apperception something like a agnostic brand area you accord added accident if you're not praying or if your ppoints are at 0.