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​Broadcast System Overhaul

Oct-05-2018 PST

Its been quite a while since the broadcasts were changed, there are some things that should probably be moved around, as a reference point, i'll post all the current broadcasts below;

#1 Global Broadcast

   120 All Skills

   Max Cape

   120 Invention or Slayer

   200m XP in any skill

   200m XP in all skills

   Final Boss title (100 KC at all bosses)

   Insane Final Boss title (all boss pets and 100 KC - including HM - at all bosses)

   Jack of All Trades title (all non-combat skilling pet)

   Jack of All Blades title (all combat skilling pets)

   Master of All title title (all skilling pets)

   Legendary Hero Items (HSR, Tavia Rod, Orlando Smiths Hat)

#2 World Broadcasts

   99 in any Skill

   50m XP intervals in any skill (not including Slayer, Dung, Invention if not already 120)

   1b XP intervals in total XP

   Combat Level of 138

   Quest Point Cape (first time only)

   Master Quest Cape (first time only)

   Veteran Capes (5-15 years)

   Buying a Chromatic Party Hat

   Receiving a Skilling Pet

   Jack of Trades title (5 non-combat skilling pets)

   Jack of Blades title (3 combat skilling pets)

   Salty title

   Sandy title

   Abyssal Hound Pet

   Any Boss Pet

   The Following Drops

   Sigils (Corp)

   Nex Sets

   Crests and Weapons from GWD2

   Dragon Full Helm


   Telos Uniques

   ROTS Shields

   Araxi Hilts

   Wildywyrm drops

   Rune Dragon Drops

   Kethsi outfit scroll

   Achto/Codex from Raids

   AoD Uniques

   Soulgazer's charm



   Solak Unqiues

   The following Treasure Trail rewards

   Third Age

   Backstab Cape

   Explosive Barrell

   Effigies Cape


   Boss Collection Logs

   Telos 2000% Enrage

   Telos 4000% Enrage

#3 Friends Broadcasts

   Getting a skills levels above X0

   Of Daemonheim Title

   Defeater Title

   Daredevil Title

   Warden Title

   Any Elite Task set

   Phoenix Eggling drop

   Livid Farm complete

   Scepter of the gods

   500m xp intervals

   Completing the Arc Journal


   Galcor Boots

   Automaton Gloves + Cresbot

   GWD1 Items

   T90 Gloves

   Champion Scrolls

   Klagerion titles

   Spider Leg Parts

   Blood Necklace Shard

   Statius Warhammer

   Sieryu Claw

   Gemstone Armour

   t85 Gloves (Nightmare, Cinderbanes, Gloves of Passage)


There are two glaring problems I see, too many global broadcasts for 120 Slayer/Invention and too many world broadcasts for what is not fairly irrelevant gear.

Proposed Changes

   Move 120 Slayer/ Invention to world broadcast

   Move 4000% Telos to global broadcast (its something that happens once a month at best)

   Move the following drops from world broadcast to friends broadcast, so that world broadcasts are generally only t90+ and super rare items





   Rune Dragons

   Remove the world broadcast for getting a 99 and converting it to a friends broadcast, with the advent of clan broadcasts, I don't think world broadcasts are needed anymore

I think this would clean up the broadcast system, where if i see a world broadcast or a global broadcast I'll want to see what it is, instead of it being red/orange noise.