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Nov-27-2019 PST

Dear RsGoldFast Customers,

If you bought from us before, you would know that Spinner Lottery at RsGoldFast has been a long-term activity for your fun,certainly it is also a good way to get free RuneScape Gold from us. Recently, to celebrate Thanks Giving Day & Black Friday, we have increased the winning rate to be 100% for sure and the biggest prize you win has been raised to be 50M OSRS Gold from previous 10M.

If you are lucky, if you always support RsGoldFast, you will have the chance to win the 50M free OSRS Gold from us.

During the promotion time, we are making sure everyone has a chance to win free gold now. However, please note that you are unable to take the free gold if your purchased gold delivery was completed though you won. That means you have to join the spinning immediately after you place an order successfully, we always trade purchased gold and prize gold at the same time.

Good Luck to everyone who join the activity. Here you go

In addition, we have prepared the exclusive specials for ThanksGiving Day& Black Friday, you can purchase the cheapest OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold at special deals page of RsGoldFast. Here you go

Available in Nov. 27th - Nov. 30th