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Best Bosses to Make Money In OSRS

Sep-18-2023 PST

Killing Bosses in OldSchool RuneScape provides you with items along with money that you can use to purchase items from the grand exchange. Each boss provides a different amount, and you will surely want to kill the boss that provides the most money so you can make more money in less time. With this boss guide, you will start to make a lot more profit in less time. Here are the six best bosses that you can kill on the game map using Bellator Ring OSRS.

1. Vorkath

This dragon is known as the dragon of wealth, thanks to its high earnings. You can find this money machine in Zanaris. Although defeating this dragon is a hard task, it's definitely worth the effort. Along with all those gold, you will also get various items such as dragonhide and dragon bones. You also have chances of getting the rare draconic visage from vorkath, making it worth all the effort. To defeat this dragon, you will need an anti-dragon shield along with dragonfire-resistant gear to protect yourself from all those killing blows. If everything goes right, you can make around three million gold in one hour just by killing vorkath.

2. Zulrah

Zulrah is a snake from the mysterious realm of Zul Andra. It comes packed with a lot of deadly attacks and phases to give you a hard time before you can get your hands on the drop. The earning from this monster depends on grinding, but you can make anywhere from two million to four million gold in just one hour if you kill enough of this serpentine monster. To kill Zulrah, you'll need some pretty good attacking gear. Rewards for killing this snake include magic fang, serpentine visage, and tanzanite fang. You can sell these items on the grand exchange to make more money. You also have a rare chance of getting the magma mutagen as well as the tanzanite mutagen. Anti-venom potions will be your best friends, and you have to manage your rotations to deal more damage.

3. God Wars Dungeon

This dungeon is a great challenge but a sweet home for gold lovers. You can make more than two million gold in one hour from this dungeon. This dungeon is filled with various generals as well as their minions. You'll also get armadyl crossbow, bandos chest plate, and the godswords by defeating this dungeon. The best thing about this dungeon is that you can defeat it with a team to make things easy. Rare drops such as armadyl helmet and zamorakian spear are also possible from this dungeon.

4. Chambers of Xeric

This is a full-fledged raid instead of a separate monster. You can complete this raid with a team of friends or as a solo player. The earnings for a team can go up to three million gold, while a solo player can make more than seven million gold in one hour. This raid is available in the kingdom of kourend. You will also receive various drops, including the twisted bow and the elder maul. By completing this raid, you can also get a large number of items that you won't get any other way.

5. Abyssal Sire

This monster will provide you with up to one million gold in one hour. You will have to descend into the Abyss and face the sire who is guarding the dark corners of this realm. It comes with a lot of devasting attacks that will finish you in a few moves if you don't protect yourself with some good-quality gear. It combines these attacks with phase-based mechanics to kill enemies. When you kill this monster on the map, you'll get various valuable drops, including abyssal dagger, unsired, abyassal whip, abyssal head, and abyssal bludgeon. To easily defeat this monster, just learn its moves and avoid the attacks while dealing damage to enjoy rewards from the depths of the realm. There is a trick to kill the sire quickly. When his health goes below thirty percent, use potions to deal damage to him as they will deal the most damage.

6. Corporeal Beast

To kill the corporeal beast, you need skill along with good attacking combos, as it is a mighty and fearsome monster of the dark. You can make five hundred thousand OSRS gold in one hour just by killing this beast. It offers a large number of valuable drops, including the spectral sigil, elysian sigil, arcane sigil, etc. If your defenses are weak, just kill this monster and use the dropped items to empower the blessed shield of spirit. It is a great chance for challenge-seeking players to put their monster-hunting skills to the test while earning good rewards. Equip your best gear to kill this monster on the first attempt.

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