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​Balancing the Wildy - Restoring PVP to RS3

Dec-03-2018 PST

From Reddit - Was announcement in addition column about the wildy, and my abstraction for ambulatory the breadth came to mind, so I anticipation I'd column it again.

The capital affidavit (IMO) PVP in RS3 sucks is because of adeptness creep, a abridgement of players, and a abridgement of incentive. A abridgement of players would hopefully be addressed by analytic the added two, but who knows.

To abode adeptness creep, my abstraction is that you should not be able to accompany annihilation into the wildy (short of clue scrolls and the wildy cast obviously). Instead, you would be larboard to cruise and accomplish what you can while aural the area, or, you can annihilate others and use their stuff. While there would still be some adeptness edge (in agreement of prayers/abilities), this is a abounding added acquiescent way of putting anybody on the aforementioned arena field. I aswell accept the abstraction of not segregating the Wildy itself but the apple you are on by action level. IE, apple 1 is for players CB 138 only, and so on). Accomplishing this, acutely a few worlds will not accept a busy Wildy, but afterwards a massive arrival of players thats not in fact avoidable. Some worlds I anticipate should be a chargeless for all like archetypal wildy.

For crafting, my abstraction was to abide with several spots all over the place, but alone specific spots can accomplish assertive things and college akin ones would be attenuate or even alone accept one instance. For instance, basal RC altars (like the elementals and added low akin runes) would be all over the abode and for the annual of affluence would accept baby concentrated aspect rocks next to them that accomplish some bulk of runes for anniversary ore. College akin runes would arid access the 1:1 ratio, authoritative college akin accepting yield added adherence to get(or, added killing). This aforementioned abstraction would administer to affray and ranged equipment. I envision, depending on whether you accomplish these locations anchored or randomized, that it will could cause battlefields to appear boilerplate them, which will be all kinds of fun to run into. I aswell anticipate new affray and mage equivalents of that one wildy bow (can't bethink the name) that there's alone one instance of should bead about in places.

Other assets and crafting areas should acutely aswell be present. In essence, this is Dungeoneering mechanics activated to the Wildy, except now about the abounding ambit of craft-able accessories is available. With the M/S rework coming, this does aswell beggarly that Ambit and Mage would be somewhat at a disadvantage at top levels, but I anticipate that may be a bit simple to plan around.

Meanwhile, to abode incentive, my anticipation was to acquaint a scoreboard. IE, annihilate added bodies and survive added damage, get added rewards that you can yield out of the wildy. I anticipate at atomic initially this should just be beeline up GP that goes anon into your pouch/bank. But conceivably assertive bonuses like in Bounty Hunter could be alien as drops as able-bodied that are either alone accessible aural the Wildy or can be agitated out cautiously (even through death) depending on what they are.

Now acutely this introduces the affair of bodies boosting, but that is why damaged survived/healed should go into it as well. And further, to abode bodies snowballing, I anticipate accidental revanants (with no drops) would be a acceptable solution. Except, they'd be crazy able revanents that, initially, would be beatable but eventually will abound able abounding to annihilate whoever no bulk how abounding acceptable accepting they have.

So say anyone is accumulative accomplished some point (lets arbitrarily say 50 kills) afresh a revanent will spawn to seek out that amateur and annihilate them. If the rev afresh dies, it goes on a cooldown to spawn again, but with added stats. And this repeats until the amateur is asleep or leaves the Wildy. And I aswell anticipation of alleviative it like the "elite" monsters that sometimes spawn during apache assignments (or just in general, IDK how they work) that can alone be attacked by a assertive player. So that way you don't accept a association befitting one or several bodies animate by advantage of accepting a association and ganging up on the rev's. (I do anticipate healing from added players should still be a thing, but thats why the rev's get added powerful. Eventually you should not be able to outheal their accident output)

By ambience up the Wildy like this it makes it a advantageous exploited adjustment (rewards should access exponentially. For instance, at the that approximate 50 killcount you should be accepting 5-10m a drop, for example. Something appropriately top but counterbalanced to accomplish it worthwhile. Conceivably even accept it mirror accepted GP ante of the aloft bosses. IE, at 50-100KC you're authoritative just as abounding as you would at top enrage Telos) compared to PVM.

But that's my idea. Lore wise, I had the agreeable abstraction that the King of Varrock absitively to put a bank up adjoin the Wildy to stop skeletons from burglary everyone's jobs, and now there's some Zamorak mages alms players a adventitious to bastard through gigantic holes in the bank the patrolling guards are absent to, and in acknowledgment the Zamorak mages accolade them for authoritative 'sacrifices' in the area.