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​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet


​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet

I accept no abstraction how to Invention. I just got to lvl 29 (protean cogs) and just aggrandized both bright hatchet and bright pickaxe.

What is the annual of augmenting? Is there a specific advantage I am declared to use on them to accretion a annual or does artlessly assiduity them accomplish them better/faster?

I will explain assiduity as able-bodied as leveling in general, as you'll wish to get 99+ as anon as possible. Absolutely augment your tools, weps, and armor. You can attending up BIS allowances for what you'r eaugmenting, but generally:

For tools: Honed is best as it increases adventitious to auspiciously accretion xp

For weps: P5/P4E2 (Precise) is BIS for OH wep and Aftershock 3 is abundant for MH. If application 2H, Id go with Aftershock and P4E2 for sure.

For armor: I would reccomend Crackling 3 and Bitter 3 (I aswell accept venomblood instead of bitter for my rax armor) for your top and legs I would acerb reccomend Impatient 3 and Enhanced adherent 3.

Perks all-embracing just accord you an bend with how able-bodied the tools, weps, and armor plan such as added damage, arresting capabilities, added adventitious to autumn abstracts or adventitious to bake abstracts to abstain abounding inv (furnace advantage I believe).

It depends on how abundant disposable assets you accept as to whether you should dis or carry items.

GP is no affair for me, so I dissassemble any items that dont bulk added than like 20-30m to replace, so if my drygores hit akin 10 I get a new set, but if my torva alcove akin 12 I will carry it so I dont lose like 45m.

If you dont wish to absorb 1B+ on Invention, there are added ways. A appealing bargain way to get abundantly fast xp is to use a bright halberd at abby demons.

You can get it to akin 10 in about 2 hours or so, depending on how fast you annihilate them. Personally, I acclimated aggrandized dragon accession carve and torva at abby demons for about 1m xp/hr or so.

I dont absolutely bethink the rates, but it was appealing abutting to that.

A far added big-ticket way but accepting acutely fast is to accomplish weapon/ armor gizmos. Application uncommon/rare apparatus can accord 5k+ xp per accoutrement made, and you can accomplish a lot of them in an hour.

This is too big-ticket even for me and I wouldnt reccomend it.

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