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All Pets and How to Get Them in OSRS

May-30-2024 PST

In Old School RS, pets are a cherished aspect of the game. They serve as loyal companions and a testament to your achievements, even though they don't assist in combat. Acquiring specific pets can be a time-consuming endeavor, but it's a rewarding way to showcase your prowess in various aspects of the game. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get all the pets in OSRS.

All Pets and How to Get Them in OSRS

How to Get Pets in OSRS

There are three primary methods for obtaining pets in OSRS, each offering different types of pets:

Defeating Specific Bosses: Many pets are dropped by bosses, signifying your victory over some of the toughest adversaries in the game.

Upgrading Your Skills or Unlocking Specific Achievements: Certain pets are awarded for reaching milestones in various skills or for specific accomplishments.

Monster Drops and Pet Drops: Some pets can be acquired as random drops from certain monsters.

All Pets in OSRS

Boss Pets

Boss pets are obtained by defeating specific bosses. Each boss pet has a unique drop rate, often requiring numerous kills to obtain.

Abyssal Orphan: Dropped by the Abyssal Sire.

Callisto Cub: Dropped by Callisto.

Cerberus Pup: Dropped by Cerberus.

Chaos Elemental Jr.: Dropped by the Chaos Elemental.

Dagannoth Supreme: Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme.

Dagannoth Prime: Dropped by Dagannoth Prime.

Dagannoth Rex: Dropped by Dagannoth Rex.

General Graardor Jr.: Dropped by General Graardor.

Hellpuppy: Dropped by Cerberus.

Kalphite Princess: Dropped by the Kalphite Queen.

K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr.: Dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth.

Kraken: Dropped by the Kraken.

Kree'arra Jr.: Dropped by Kree'arra.

Scorpia's Offspring: Dropped by Scorpia.

Skotos: Dropped by the Skotizo.

Smoke Devil: Dropped by the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil.

Tzrek-Jad: Earned by completing the Fight Caves and sacrificing a Fire Cape.

Skilling Pets

Skilling pets are obtained by performing various skilling activities. The chance of receiving a pet generally increases with the level and amount of activity.

Baby Mole: Obtained while digging for mole skins and claws in Falador Mole Lair.

Beaver: Obtained while woodcutting.

Giant Squirrel: Obtained while performing Agility courses.

Heron: Obtained while fishing.

Rift Guardian: Obtained while running Runecrafting altars.

Rock Golem: Obtained while mining.

Rocky: Obtained while thieving.

Tangleroot: Obtained while farming.

Other Pets

Some pets don't fall neatly into the categories of boss or skilling pets and are obtained through unique methods.

Bloodhound: Obtained from Master Clue Scroll caskets.

Chompy Chick: Earned by killing Chompy birds; requires completion of the Western Provinces Diary.

Herbi: Obtained while harvesting herbs in the Chambers of Xeric.

Phoenix: Obtained from the Wintertodt.

Olmlet: Obtained from the Chambers of Xeric.

Youngllef: Obtained from the Gauntlet.

How to Insure Your Pet's Life in OSRS

Once you've obtained a pet, it's crucial to insure it to avoid losing it in case of death. Here's how to insure your pet:

Visit Probita in East Ardougne: Probita, located in East Ardougne, provides pet insurance services.

Insure Your Pet: Talk to Probita to insure your pet. The initial cost is 500,000 coins. If your pet is insured and you die, you can reclaim it for a fee of 1,000,000 coins.

What is the Role of Pets in OSRS

While pets in OSRS don't assist in combat or skilling, they play a significant role in the game:

Bragging Rights: Owning certain pets, especially those from challenging bosses or rare drops, is a status symbol in the community.

Companionship: Pets add a touch of personality and company as you explore the vast world of Gielinor.

Personal Achievements: Acquiring a pet often represents a significant milestone in a player's journey, marking notable accomplishments and perseverance.

Pets in Old School RuneScape are more than just cosmetic companions; they are badges of honor that demonstrate your accomplishments across various facets of the game. Whether you're a boss slayer, a dedicated skiller, or a treasure hunter, there's a pet out there waiting to join you on your adventures. By understanding how to obtain and insure your pets, you can embark on your quest to collect these delightful companions and showcase your achievements to the entire OSRS community.

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