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​Alchemy as a skill

Nov-21-2018 PST

Hello new adolescent Scapers!

So I've been arena Runescape 3 for a acceptable little bit of time now. I apperceive that Jagex is alive with the absolution of adaptable Runescape 3, the coffer rework, and the mining and smithing rework a allotment of added things. But I had an absorption arise to mind.

Runescape would plan in fact able-bodied if they fabricated a abracadabra skill, it could be advised like an aristocratic accomplishment with the aggregate of 80 in Divination, Magic, and Runecrafting. What I am cerebration is the players apparatus is chalk, which there would be altered minerals added to the book to acquiesce altered abracadabra circles.

So say you acquire a blaze rune, afterlife rune, adobe and book you could accomplish an abracadabra amphitheater that would be able to adjustment torn dragon equipment. it could aswell be implemented as a f2p non-elite accomplishment which would accord purpose for all accessories to be degradable and able to acquire backbone on all equipment.

Could aswell be acclimated just like the antecedent abracadabra abilities in the abracadabra book and catechumen an account to gold, and depending on which abracadabra amphitheater you drew (dependent on the book you used) you could get altered quantities of gp per item.

For associates you could acquire an abracadabra room, which would accord added xp if accomplishing abracadabra in. about like how the alters in adoration plan with aroma burners. but you could use candles.

This is just my thought. adulation to actuality your guys opinion.

Edit: just added cerebration you could aswell use differnt abracadabra jewlery as your akin in the accomplishment progresses.

Another thought. Aback its abracadabra we are talking about it would be alarming if you could do things such as

A. Using chestnut and tin with a blaze rune central an abracadabra amphitheater would plan the aforementioned as a boiler giving you a differnt advantage for authoritative ingots. Acceptance for assorted at one time. So if you acquire a abounding account of the appropriate ore for the confined and abundant blaze runes in your account you could accomplish them all into confined at once.

B. Usinging abracadabra circles to accomplish bendable clay.

C. Using abracadabra amphitheater to ample vials of water.

There are a lot of altered things you could use abracadabra for and do with abracadabra you could even yield it a footfall added by accumulation alluring into the accomplishment acceptance you to add enchantments to your accessory which could advice addition end bold agreeable and calibration the pve and pvp agreeable immensely.