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​AFK Skilling Methods


​AFK Skilling Methods


Maniacal Monkeys (Hunter)

Maniacal Monkeys are unlocked at level 60 in Hunter; however, you need to complete the quest ‘Monkey Madness 2’ to access the caves. First, you need to mount on a Gorilla, and then you can start setting up your traps without any logs. Finally, lure the Maniacal Monkeys one at a time using bananas.

Motherlode Mine (Mining)

You can access the second floor of the Motherlode Mine with 72+ Mining, and after you’ve paid 100 Gold Nuggets to the NPC named Prospector Percy. The second floor offers better XP as compared to the first floor, and there are over sixty available veins for you to mine. Also, the Water Circuit system and the bank are close by.

Rune Essence (Mining)

You only need to complete the quest ‘Rune Mysteries’ to access the area for mining Rune Essence. At lower Mining levels, it takes about fifty seconds to get a full inventory of Rune Essence, and the XP gained per hour is great if you want to AFK.

Wintertodt Shortcut (Agility)

At the northern end of Wintertodt, there is an Agility shortcut that required level 60 and grants 18 XP per jump. You can easily set your camera’s angle and spam click to get 25,000 to 30,000 XP every hour.

Cannonballs (Smithing)

Every Steel bar that is consumed while making Cannonballs takes ten-game ticks. So, that is around six seconds per Steel Bar. If you have an inventory of 27 Steel Bars, it’ll take you 2 minutes and 42 seconds to smith Cannonballs. Yes, the XP rates are slow, but it’s a good AFK method.

Gold Bars to Goldsmith Gauntlets (Smithing)

The method is slightly cheaper than the Blast Furnace. You need to first get your Goldsmith Gauntlets by completing the Family Crest quest, and then you can multiply the XP that you normally get by 2.5. With an interval of 1 minute and 5 seconds, you can AFK and get 100,000 Smithing XP every hour.

Trees (Woodcutting)

Woodcutting is known to be an AFK skill because the chances of a tree falling down is 1/8. It’s recommended that you chop a high-tier tree for better XP and lower chances. You can consider chopping Redwoods, Yew Trees, or Maple Trees.

Sulliuscep Mushrooms (Woodcutting)

Chopping Sulliuscep Mushrooms offers the fastest Woodcutting XP in OSRS. Unlike trees, these mushrooms have a 1/16 chance of falling down. The only difference is that you have to move to another mushroom to continue the chopping process for XP. Other than that, you’ll need a Rake, as well as Food and Antidotes because there are monsters nearby.

Monkfish (Fishing)

Fishing is similar to Woodcutting, where the highest-tier fish offers the best XP rates in the game. Monkfish grants ten more XP than a shark, and even the catch rate is faster while also being AFK. However, you need to complete the quest ‘Swan’s Song’ to catch them, but you can get about 30,000 to 38,000 XP per hour through this method.

F2P & P2P (Cooking)

If you have 28 Raw fish in your inventory, it takes about 1 minute and 7 seconds to cook them. Cooking is the easiest and most profitable AFK skill in the game, and it works better when you’re playing on mobile because of the Withdraw All and Tapping on Ranges options. The closest ‘Range to Bank’ area for F2P players is Al-Kharid and the closest area for a P2P player is the Myths’ Guild.

Tars (Herblore)

Making Tars will allow you to be AFK for 46.8 seconds. The amount of XP gained is less, but in terms of being AFK, the XP and GP gained are decent. Don’t go for Guam or Marrentils Tars, and instead, go for Tarromins as they give 100,000 XP every hour.

Stamina Pots (Herblore)

You can make 27 Stamina Potions in one inventory since the second ingredient is Amylase Crystal, which are stackable. You can use Super Energies 4 for the best XP. The inventory allows you to be AFK for 32.4 seconds, which isn’t long, but the XP gained is good.

Gold Jewellery (Crafting)

Each inventory of Gold Bars takes 48.6 seconds to craft. As a F2P player, you can get about 40,000 to 45,000 XP every hour by making Gold Amulets. Whereas, P2P players can make Gold Bracelets, which are both; profitable and offers 35,000 XP every hour.

Glassblowing Unpowered/Light Orbs (Crafting)

The cost is significantly low while Glassblowing Unpowered/Light Orbs. An inventory of 27 Molten Glass takes 48.6 seconds, and the XP rates are great. You can get about 125,000 XP per hour making Light Orbs and 90,000 XP per hour making Unpowered Orbs.

Cannon/Prayer/Attacking Groups (Slayer)

You can use a Dwarf Multi-Cannon during a Slayer Task to AFK for about one minute in a multi-Combat zone. If you’re in a Single-Combat zone, you can AFK for about three minutes. Not only can you attack a heap of passive monsters at a given time, but also AFK and profit from the drops.

Ardougne Knights (Thieving)

Using a wireless mouse, you can AFK thieve the knights in Ardougne city. However, you need to open your coin pouches after a total of 28 successful thieves. So, when you’re at a high Thieving level, it’ll take you about 33.6 seconds to get 28 pouches, which is a decent AFK method to train your skill. Similarly, at a lower level, it takes about one minute to get the pouches.

Gilded Altar (Prayer)

You can semi-AFK and train your Prayer skill at a Gilded Altar; however, the intervals of getting more bones from your bank will require additional clicking. If you have an inventory of bones, it’ll take you about 48 seconds to sacrifice them at the altar.

Zeah Region (Rune Crafting)

Even though the Rune Crafting aspect of the process is not exactly AFK; the Mining element required to complete it is AFK. You spend about two minutes of your time mining Rune Essence, with a gap where you have to chisel them into Fragments. After that, it takes about 30 seconds to reach the Blood or Soul Altar and create the preferred Runes. Finally, you head back to mining Rune Essence to continue the loop.

Logs to Longbows (Fletching)

When you fletch an inventory of Logs into Longbows, you take exactly 54.6 seconds, which is an excellent AFK training method. Fletching a log into a bow takes three-game ticks while doing the same with logs to make a shield takes seven-game ticks. It makes that making shields take an extra of 0.5 game ticks per log; however, Longbows offer the best XP rates.

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