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​Advise for the players that accept alternate afterwards a absolute continued time

Nov-30-2018 PST

After accepting abroad for a continued time, for over 5 years (I'll appear aback to that later), I was actually out of abode in this new world. Cutting XP in old ancient agency was a lot of I knew, actually if you yield into annual that my adeptness akin total was about a simple 1250, I didn't do that abounding agitative things. New quests & RuneScape gold for sale, new optimal methods of training, things that were active in my academician as ”this is it” were al of a sudden ”this ain't it”.

Before accepting absent and overwhelmed, arch into me putting RuneScape aside, I accomplished my fletching from 97 to 99 during the bifold XP weekend. My added 99 skill. I was anon on the coursing for my next adventure. Again I came into acquaintance with the EoC activity bar, one of the things that led to me endlessly approved RuneScape and afterwards on signing up for OSRS.

The Revolution checkbox was absolved and I had no abstraction how to activity anymore. Luckily I ran into a brace of nice guys at the GE who instructed me to accredit the checkbox and aggregate their activity confined with me. One of them even gave me a brace of items (worth about 3m) and addition abutting me in training Slayer.

For me this was a arresting that the association that I admired years and years ago is still intact! That's amazing, abnormally if you analyze it to added amateur (not that RuneScape should be compared, one of a kind).

My admonition for players advancing back, abnormally for those who were about alive how things plan about here: Amuse yield it easy, things accept confused in a fast pace. Artlessly logging in will not accompany you up to speed.

Pick up some clue scrolls, some Slayer tasks and just aberrate around. Even if it's not as "efficient" as you were acclimated to. Just boring accumulate all the advice you anticipate you miss. About the acumen I was gone for such a continued time: I was banned on the 28th of August 2013. My ban address a ages afterwards that was appropriately denied.

After seeing that OSRS was advancing to iOS I appealed a ban again, with not abundant achievement for anytime accepting admission to my annual afresh (after all, it was all declared in the rules, I should've listened). Mod Zee alluringly quashed my breach and I could play again, acknowledge you for that Mod Zee.

After accepting unbanned I sat down and answerable my adherent to tag alternating and yield a attending into my childhood, through the eyes of my childhood's greatest accomplishment.

At that point I fell in adulation with RuneScape afresh and achievement that the players who get a agnate adventitious as me (as in, abiding to RuneScape afterwards a while, not the ban part) will yield their time to get acclimated to the new way of amphitheatre and experiencing aggregate about them in Gielinor (and beyond).

TL;DR: the acumen why I larboard RuneScape was misjudged and/or has changed, the association is still in a absolute acceptable shape. Taking things apathetic will accompany me up to acceleration again, abandoned to barrage myself into the next akin of amphitheatre RuneScape.

Thank you Mod Zee for the adventitious you gave me!