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Abyssal Demons


Abyssal Demons

OSRS: killing Abyssal Demons

Abyssal Demons are a lucrative money-maker in Old School RuneScape, and will make you anywhere from 500k-750k gold per hour. Abyssal Demons are a common slayer task that you will come across. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding killing Abyssal Demons!

You can find Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower: the top floor and the basement if you are on-task. You may also find them in the Catacombs of Kourend (northern section) and Abyssal Area (fairy-ring code ALR).

Abyssal Demons: Gear and Requirements

To start off with, Abyssal Demons require you to have 85 Slayer to engage in combat with them.  Since you are 85 Slayer, your stats will be sufficient to defeat them and there are prayer methods available. Protect from Melee requires level 43 Prayer. Using melee is highly recommended in order to remain cost-effective.

There are two available methods to choose from here. The Catacombs of Kourend is a multi-combat area, so you will be using Protect from Melee.  The other areas, the Morytania Slayer Tower and the Abyssal Area, are single-combat zones so you will wear your best melee gear that maximizes your defense and attack bonuses.

Items for both setups: Using an Arclight is highly recommended as the weapon has a strong bonus against demons, however, you can also simply use an abyssal whip or even a dragon scimitar.  Wear a Fire cape or an Ardougne cape if you don’t have a Fire cape yet. In addition, you will want a blessing of your choice (such as the Peaceful Blessing). Wear the best gloves and boots you can afford or have access to, alongside the best defender you have, with the dragon defender being preferable.  You will want to use the Amulet of Torture, or alternatively, the Amulet of Glory.

An herb sack is useful alongside a gem bag, but by no means are either required. You will also want a Rune Pouch or fire runes and nature runes to cast high alchemy on your drops.

Kourend Setup: In the Catacombs, you are going to wear Proselyte gear to conserve your prayer. Protect from Melee means you take no damage at all, so you want to maximize prayer and attack. Wear both Proselyte pieces with the exception of the helmet, to be replaced with the Slayer Helmet.  A Berserker Ring is also excellent, alternatively, bring a combat bracelet.

In terms of prayers, you must use Protect from Melee, and can use Preserve if you have it unlocked.  Around twelve prayer potions are recommended (you can bring more if you have low prayer), in combination with a few super strength and super attack potions. Bring a Holy Wrench if you have one as well.

Slayer Tower/Abyssal Area: These areas are single-combat and you will not need to use prayer here.  Simply bring your best melee gear here. Use a slayer helmet here, or you can use a Helm of Neitiznot. For your plate body and plate legs, Bandos is the best, second to Torags and other than that you can use Granite/Rune.

Bring a Guthans set in your inventory to switch to so you can heal. You can also bring a few pieces of food such as monkfish to heal where required. Bring two super attack potions, two super strength potions, and two super defense potions.

Abyssal Demons: Combat Mechanics

In OSRS killing Abyssal Demons is surprisingly easier than it sounds. Take a sip of each of your potions, and simply attack them. The only combat mechanic they have is they teleport you around, other than that, there’s really nothing to worry about.

If you’re killing them in the Catacombs of Kourend, attack a few of them so they all get aggressive on you, activate Protect from Melee and Preserve. If you’re killing them in the Abyssal Area or Slayer Tower, switch to the full Guthans set to heal whenever you need to heal.

Abyssal Demons: Tips and Tricks

· Use auto-retaliate. This ensures you continue fighting automatically after being teleported.

· Whilst they have high accuracy, their max hit is only 8. Use this fact to help figure out when you need to be healing.

· They cannot be safe-spotted, which is why melee is recommended. They can be Ice Barraged at a faster rate, but this reduces the profit entirely.

· Using the Arclight, Silverlight or Darklight are all effective as they have a bonus against demons. The Arclight boasts a 70% damage and accuracy bonus against demons.


We hope this guide has been informative for you! Good luck with getting the drops you desire, as Abyssal creatures are the only entities in the game that provide the Abyssal Whip (valued 2-4 million) and the Abyssal Dagger (valued 9-10 million).

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