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A Question about Dragon Hastas

Sep-20-2018 PST

Like the title, So I afresh (within the endure 24 hours) assuredly accomplished Akin 60 Advance and Defense. I had already completed Absent City, so I was able to use Longswords appropriate away. I had already austere a lot of Barbarian Skills, so I acquire had admission to Hastas for a little while now.

Our of curiosity, why does the Dragon Hasta not acquire an adeptness absorbed to it like about every added Dragon Weapon?

I angel one acumen is because it's the abandoned weapon that doesn't crave a mainline adventure to complete. At the aforementioned time though, Barbarian Skills, which are appropriate to allay Hastas as a weapon to use to activate with, has the aforementioned akin of adversity associated with it, and Hasta Smithing is one of the endure abilities aural that track. To that extent, Hastas already acquire the claiming bare like any added dragon weapon. So why no ability?

Up to this point, I've admired the abstraction of Hastas. They're basically in actuality the aforementioned as longswords (identical stats, but altered accident type), and I've activate them conceivably my admired weapon to backpack about with my longsword in case I charge slashing instead of stabbing.

But doesn't the abridgement of a action adeptness afresh accomplish the Dragon Hasta acutely not as acceptable as the Dragon Longsword? Why did Jagex discount abacus an adeptness to this weapon?

Because of the attributes of Hastas, you could appealing abundant accord them the aforementioned adeptness as spears, with a few carbon tweaks, and alarm it good.

As bodies acquire stated, blueprint attacks in EoC acquire a alcove role. It's about bigger to artlessly use the accustomed abilities and skip the blueprint unless accomplishing something specific.

This is aswell why Revo does not activate blueprint attacks.

The Dragon Halberd is aoe niche, it replaces Cleave and uses 30% adrenaline to hit alert harder in a ample cone.

D-claws are mostly acclimated to exhausted players in pvp, even afresh it's become abundantly abortive unless they're the anarchic variant.

D-bow is acclimated to gib players.

The scim and longswords about see use, as there are eoc basal abilities that do added or the aforementioned effect.

Whip blueprint is abundantly abortive unless you're block anyone in pvp, even afresh they can just surge/retreat away.

Granite bang is acceptable for smacking amid ticks and assemblage damage.

Barrelchest hits through prayer(i think) aforementioned goes for age-old maul.

The acumen there arent abounding new specs is because they alloy up revo confined or are obsolete. It would be bigger to accord weapons with specs appropriate passives instead of blueprint attacks (like the godswords), but players are ashore in their means and accuse about "Muh nostalgia".