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A Guide to Obtain Golden Cape Shards in RuneScape

Jul-17-2023 PST

You need golden cape shards in Old School RuneScape to crate a golden cape. This is included in the golden cape hunt event. To create this cape, you need to go to the wise old man. Getting these shards is a difficult job but not anymore, thanks to this RuneScape golden cape guide. You need a total of eight shards in order to craft this golden cape. This cape is required to unleash the true potential of the golden party hat. There are many methods to get your hands on these shards, including fighting, quests, support skills, artisan skills, and gathering. If you can spend money, you can simply purchase these shards to avoid all the grinding and craft the golden cape in no time.

How to get Golden cape shards?

If you have a Jagex account, simply upgrade it. This will provide you with two golden cape shards. This is one of the simplest methods to get these shards, and you should start the journey with this method. Once you have upgraded the account, the next step is to purchase the premiere membership. This will also provide you with one cape shard as a bonus. This method is for pay-to-play players, so you can move to the next method if you don’t like to spend money on in-game purchases.

Complete Quests

Completing quests is the first free method to get golden cape shards. You have to complete a series of different quests to get the shard. You should complete these quests. If you have already completed these quests in the past, don’t worry, as a shard will be awarded to your account automatically when the event starts. You can also get shards by using combat, gathering, support, and artisan skills. The first skill that you should train is the fire-making skill. To train this skill, you should wear some silver hawk boots.

Master Agility Skill

The agility skill also works well in providing players with these golden cape shards. If you use the Adze relic when cutting wood, you can get shards through two methods. One shard through the gathering method while the other shard due to the artisan method. If you are a pro player, you can have enough shards in no time by simply training various skills at the same time. This increases your chance of getting many golden shards. Combat shards can be obtained by fighting with enemies on the game map.

You should first enable all the available combat skills from the game settings to increase your chances of getting those experience points. Boss fights are the most rewarding when it comes to getting golden cape shards from combat. You should also work on getting marks of war to get more shards. If you have enough coins, simply go to the shady salesman to purchase shards. You can find this salesman behind the grand exchange. You need more than twenty-five million gold coins to get shards through this method.

Obtain Protean Items

If you have ten thousand protean items, you can get these shards without grinding. You should purchase these shards from the salesman only when the event is near the end or if you have a lot of coins. Clue scrolls are the last method to get these shards. If you have enough shards to this point, you can simply avoid the clue scroll method.

How to get a golden cape?

Now that you have eight shards, it is time to get the golden cape by following this guide. There is nothing else that you have to do once you have collected all those shards. You may ask why you should get the golden cape. The value of the golden cape is the simple answer. If you want to sell it in the market, you will get two hundred and fifty million gold coins for it. The value of the cape fluctuates during the event, but it stays between the two hundred and two hundred and fifty million coins mark most of the time.

What are the rewards of the event?

If you are collecting these shards, you’ll be earning points that will result in other event rewards as well. Below are more details about the rewards of this event.

· Golden Security Buff: This buff grants you a five percent chance to reduce the damage you take from enemies by ninety-nine percent. This reduction in the damage is pretty huge and can turn the table in your favor.

· Golden Consignment Buff: You’ll get a Porter effect for sure due to this buff. You can transfer any valid item you want to the bank directly during gathering, thanks to this buff.

· Lockout Timer Extension: This will increase the lockout timer to some extent. Thanks to this increase in time, you can complete even more activities to increase your chances.