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A Guide to Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape

Nov-16-2023 PST

Fairy rings are a fundamental transportation system in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), offering players a convenient way to navigate the vast world of Gielinor. Unlocking these magical portals is a fantastic quality-of-life improvement, making travel between locations a breeze. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to gain access to fairy rings and provide instructions on how to use them effectively.

A Guide to Fairy Rings in Old School RuneScape

Gaining Access to Fairy Rings in OSRS

Complete the "Lost City" Quest:

Before you can access fairy rings, you must complete the "Lost City" quest. This quest requires a minimum Woodcutting level of 36, Crafting level of 31, and a decent combat level. Upon completion, you will unlock the entrance to Zanaris, the fairy city, which is essential for reaching the fairy rings.

Complete the "Nature Spirit" and "The Restless Ghost" Quests:

These two quests are prerequisites for starting the "Fairytale Part I - Growing Pains" quest. They are relatively straightforward and can be completed quickly.

Start the "Fairytale Part I - Growing Pains" Quest:

This quest is the first step towards unlocking the fairy rings. Once completed, it grants you the ability to begin the quest that unveils the fairy rings themselves: "Fairytale Part II - Cure a Queen."

Progress through "A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen" Quest:

During this quest, you will finally gain access to the fairy rings. Follow the questline, complete the objectives, and unlock the fairy rings as a reward.

Using the Fairy Rings in OSRS

Obtain a Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff:

To use the fairy rings, you need to equip either a Dramen Staff or a Lunar Staff. The Dramen Staff can be obtained during the "Lost City" quest, while the Lunar Staff requires completion of the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest.

Wield the Staff and Click on an Active Fairy Ring:

Once you have obtained the appropriate staff, wield it and click on any active fairy ring you come across. A menu will appear, prompting you to enter a three-letter code. Each code corresponds to a different location in the game, allowing you to teleport there instantly.

Enter the Three-Letter Code:

After clicking on a fairy ring, enter the three-letter code that corresponds to your desired destination. It's worth noting that some codes are two letters followed by a number.

Explore the World with Fairy Rings:

Upon entering the correct code, you will be teleported to your chosen location. Fairy rings provide a quick and convenient method of travel, especially when you need to cover large distances for quests, activities, or general exploration. Make sure to remember the codes for frequently visited locations to streamline your adventures.

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