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A Complete 1-99 Slayer Guide for Oldschool Runescape

May-08-2023 PST

Learn the best methods, strategies, and techniques for leveling up, along with essential gear, helpful tips, and more. Get ready to become a Slayer master for Oldschool Runescape!

In Old School Runescape (OSRS), one of the most well-known and valuable combat skills, like, Thieving, is called Slayer, and it enables players to get essential gear and experience by killing one-of-a-kind and strong monsters known as Slayer creatures. This guide will walk you through every step of the Slayer progression, from level 1 all the way up to level 99, including helpful hints, suggested gear, and critical information to improve the effectiveness of your Slayer training.

OSRS: Understanding the Slayer Skill

Slayer is a kind of fighting skill that requires players to eliminate particular creatures that have been designated by Slayer Masters. It is only possible to slay these creatures with any degree of success if one has the necessary Slayer level, equipment, and methods. As players go through the game, they will unlock new Slayer beasts, get access to solid gear, and collect vital experience fighting in battle.

OSRS: Slayer Gear Recommendations

As you make progress in Slayer, it is indispensable to update your equipment in order to ensure the highest possible level of effectiveness in the fight. Among the recommended pieces of equipment are:

Slayer Helm: Gives a damage and accuracy increase against the creatures you have been assigned to fight.

Barrow Armor: Barrow Armor is a kind of Armor that offers significant defensive and offensive advantages.

Bandos Armor: Offers Powerful Melee Bonuses and an Acceptable Défense.

Armadyl Armor: Armadyl Armor provides exceptional ranged benefits in addition to high protection.

Ancestral Robes: Traditional garments are known to provide significant magic boosts as well as defence.

Amulet of Torture: Improves accuracy and power in close combat when worn by the wearer.

Amulet of Fury: This item gives a boost that is evenly distributed across all types of battles.

Primordial Boots: Primordial boots provide the most incredible melee benefits available for footwear.

OSRS Slayer: Level 1-25

If you want the Bigger and Badder perk, you should spend your early levels at Krystilia regardless of your combat level. This benefit makes it possible; when performing a Slayer mission, you may encounter enemies of a higher quality than usual. These creatures provide substantial bonuses to Slayer experience, dropping valuable items like the Eternal Gem and Imbued Heart when vanquished. Because you'll be fighting many foes on your way to 99, because you want to earn as much GP as possible, and because you enjoy a good challenge, this perk is one you should obtain as soon as possible. You can use Krystilia to save up enough Slayer points to purchase your Slayer helm, ring, and prks, as well as enough to block tasks or skip them and reach Slayer level 50 or so. Depending on how many Slayer Rings you want to purchase, that's about 1500 Slayer points.

OSRS Slayer: Below 40

Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon is a good Slayer master who will give you assignments that are appropriate for your level and won't force you to fight in the wilderness if you're on the lower end of the combat scale. You shouldn't use him if you don't have enough points to disable the unwanted high-level features, as he only awards 4 points per task. What exactly does it come down to when tasks are blocked?

OSRS Slayer: Sub-Level 70

After earning at least enough for the Bigger and Badder perk, your following action will depend on your combat level. Get tasks from Krystilia until you have enough points to buy a Slayer ring, and block any Slayer tasks you don't want to complete if you're under level 70. If you're over 70 and have finished the Lost City quest (which you should have done by level 70 combat), you can move on to Chaeldar in Zanaris. Chaeldar's tasks reward 10 points per task, but they're much better and don't require you to go out into the wild to complete them.

OSRS Slayer: Level 85-99

It would be best if you were using Nieve for your Slayer missions at level 85, as she will receive much better assignments and generate a substantial profit due to her research. Some players argue that Nieve's missions are preferable to Duradel's, and they might have a point. Since the pay is comparable between the two Slayer masters, your decision should come down to which types of tasks you enjoy doing the most.

Final Thoughts

The 1-99 Slayer guide for Oldschool RuneScape is an extensive resource that players may read in order to have a voyage through the levels that are both fruitful and time-saving. Players may quickly advance their Slayer skill to higher levels and gain a variety of prizes with the assistance of this guide, which will make their travels a great deal more exciting and lucrative.