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Your opinions and Suggestions to implement with free players and members

Jun-21-2013 PST

All about your feedback this week. We've got our noses grindstone, in the face to make out what you want and is worthy of you to play Runescape 3, but today, we have two common ideas introduced on the basis of a number of small changes in adjustment and feedback:

Each request your feedback on our BBS.

Each and every one can make even better Runescape also want to immediately to do!

One of the first is a tool with extension, now have the ability to store the axe and picks up all the way to dragons. You don't need no at any time - you reliable logging and mining tools simply right click on your best choice "is added to the tool '. You can add any compatible tool belt, regardless of whether or not you have a level, use it. It will be as the highest-level tool, you can use, till you meet the requirements of it. But remember, once a tool belt of the project, you can't put it shut again. Make sure that you want to keep those valuable tool!

The following is a we have to adjust the sample Runescape today:

Now, who is created from the fire alarm and fire a campfire. TokHaar now qualify when performing a Tzhaar targets Kuradal distribution than magic. Some top in addition to the magic has made more strict and more positive goals: abnormal ghost, live rock cave creature, mutations Jadinkos, Waterfiends, dust storms, the brutality of the green dragon has made worthy of the title! Limited has slightly less than serious injuries to the black dragon queen, her efforts, rebalancing because she should have her style, in order to achieve the desired effect, resistance to form and accuracy.

Dragon is now more vulnerable to bolt damage, instead of the arrow. Deputy Ye Renjian, can now drop form kurasks and turoths, well-off black weapons from various sources. Bow Seercull leaking now has a chance to hit target magic level - with the EOC special attacks. Several new basic ability, including rotating momentum ability now.

Knockout reiki has a more definite effect - now increases the chances of hitting the target of the National People's Congress and the lows of life. The amount increase depending on the aura of a line. Rebalancing the Kalphite king, make him more challenging. Many of his attacks, he summoned creatures are more deadly - although it may do more damage, he than before. Upgrade your multicannon to gold or dynasty version to increase its shell capacity is 60 or 90, respectively. Grotworms - maturity and common - now a tougher, more effectively. It can now switch job log interface icon appears after finish college, fight back to the academy of sciences (cas) icon. Choose which kind of log meeting between expression filter, remember now.

If you died, leaving a tombstone, and then quit, now you will be prompted on your tombstone is a different world record. There will be an option to login to this world to check, if your tombstone is still active. This message will appear twice, tombstone login each time, and there will be a one hour later, has given rise to grave. You can d Locke suggest what to do, to win the title of any remaining of the museum's press secretary, in the chat.

This is just what we have done some improvements. You can look at the rest of the today's patch.

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