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You need 99 pounds for RuneFest

Sep-23-2013 PST

Runefest - epic celebration of all things in real life - Runescape again came to the coast in London, we hope you can be a part of it! From 10 am until November 2, 2013 at 11 PM, RuneFest 3 dock will take over the tobacco in London what promise, is our most risky community event! You will meet the decision makers 3 old HangJiao, Runescape Runescape Gielinor immersed in the world, meet like-minded people, catch up with friends, new and old.


After a long day and the best RuneFest content has not been filled, then invite you to join Runescape team, we will let our hair down RuneFest of party a. You RuneFest three votes will full access to all areas - including the party - will cost you 99 pounds.


Here is your 99 pounds will let you: when you walk through the door RuneFest, we will wait for you armed once we make the best gift bag. Good things to eat will bags with great RuneFest 3 exclusive souvenirs, including the pins collector, and a very special limited edition T-shirt RuneFest 3 game items. Insider conference this year will tell you has never been more Runescape, and we will, you can test JMods one of a pair of your favorite content. If they tell you a secret, but try to keep it yourself!


RuneFest wouldn't be RuneFest Gielinorian without a group of activities, and this year is no different. The penguins hunt from Varrockian food; Treasure trails sampling has not content, we have got the cover. As the sun goes down, the balloon has been deleted, pop up, after a party. Happy time into free bar, and then to join our team, a night of food and entertainment, live music; Later, game session, new and improved gold dwarf awards and much, much more.


We hope you excited because our activity this year! But, hey, don't take our words, here is the defense department mark: let your hands, one vote, and keep up to date RuneFest latest news and information, the first new RuneFest 3 miniature. RuneFest after 3 weeks, we can't wait to see you. If you have any questions, be sure to check out the common problems, and discuss the incident, the head of BBS.


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