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Wisps of the Grove update

Sep-27-2017 PST

Recently, Wisps of the Grove is released to explore. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove. You can find a tree in the center of The Lost Grove, which requires additional nutrients, so you need to collect the wisdom of the five different colored magical mushrooms or the energy, to make a pharmacy for your tree. Then you have the chance to get Farming and Hunter XP and have a chance to get the pet Vinny RuneScape


But some players are very depressed. Why? They said But some players are pretty frustrating .Why? They said the graphics to look nice,fully zoomed out, the trees still constantly get in the way of your view, and because there are so many trees. And some player complained that looking for too long time. The rewards are not attractive. But many player thinks, it was quite decent XP. If you're a pet collector though, it's definitely worth doing it every week until you get the new Vinny pet that came with this update.


Complete the new D&D


The player was looking forward to adding a new D&D. you can receive Farming and Hunter XP based on your corresponding level, and get the companion pet. They will continue to partake in Wisps of the Grove. Anyway ,need more Cheap Runescape Gold and Buy OSRS Gold form last three days of the offer:BTS3.


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team