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Winter season Saturdays and sundays Dungeoneering

Dec-20-2014 PST

Wintertime Saturday and sunday variety 3 is an earlier Holiday present for specialized dungeon delvers everywhere.


From 12: 00 GMT on 19th Dec till 12: 00 GMT on 22nd December, there's a range of Dungeoneering rewards available for anyone adventuring in Daemonheim:

Double tokens from each standard Sinkholes and dungeoneering
Basic Sinkholes light XP improved by 50%
10% less costly weapon repairs with the Daemonheim investor
No report fees for death


Understand that additionally you have the subsequent advantages for Participant-Owned Plug-ins throughout Dec:

All Plug-ins voyages give back 30Per cent additional trade products or assets
25 voyages each day instead of 15


Give away a Relationship to you'll and Oxfam open the Oxfam Festive Atmosphere bauble - an item that can reset the XP-offering Joyful Atmosphere once every weekend day, doubling its advantages.