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Winter Weekend half dozen Invention preparation

Jan-11-2016 PST

Winter Weekend 6 | Invention Prep

For our final Winter Weekend, they need one thing special for you. The forthcoming elite talent, Invention, would force you to be versed in Divination, Smithing and Crafting. therefore to assist you on your manner for Invention’s unharness at the top of this month, build the foremost of the subsequent Winter Weekend bonuses:


    Five hundredth base XP increase in Guthixian Cache.
    Enriched spawns each ten minutes rather than each twenty minutes.
    Double the provision of battlestaves in stores and rewards.
    All chromatic dragons drop an additional hide on prime of no matter drops.
    Ithell harps have a reduced likelihood at going out of tune.
    Double XP and name at Artisans' Workshop.


This Winter Weekend can run from eighth January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time till eleventh January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time.


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