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Win life member with trip to Runescape Competition

Jun-11-2013 PST

We have the latest video game for a fantastic response, so that, in fact, we think it deserves a bonus, how to display your participation to our help. Our "my Runescape trip" video contest will receive life member!

That means champion will never need to open his wallet to pay next month's renewal, and you can enjoy the carefree life member! If you have already entered the competition, you will be pleased to know that you are on the way won the prize!

We've extended deadline of the project, so everyone has a chance to get the JuJiang. On June 12, once we have finished your work, and we will get ten we think, the best choice for you to vote to decide who will get the prize.

For those who want to these VLOG Runescape players questions, here are some recommendations to allows you to post. You don't have to be constrained by the content, as long as it is your journey or the content of the RS3 Runescape can: are you most looking forward to in Runescape 3; Would you like to see the 3 new Runescape function; You are the most memorable Runescape; How to RUNESCAPE overlap to your day to day life; Why do you play RUNESCAPE; Your greatest achievement, Runescape so far; Best friend, have you ever seen in Gielinor; Once we competition has closed, we will assembly video, our favorite works.

If your video into ten places, you will win one month membership. In addition, the top three submissions - as - you will receive a £25 to spend our Jagex digital goods shop. In the end, who will win the game we will get Runescape life member!

Please make sure that your video is not more than three minutes long, but we would encourage you to make it short and delicate.

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