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Will your RuneScape 3 screenshots sent to us

Jul-01-2013 PST

Version 3 upcoming RuneScape, and we need the world know it. That is why now, we make a new trailer at early stage, shows a RuneScape 3 unusual and very beautiful HTML5 engine. In the trailer, we can see our hero across Gielinor are just some of the most representative and the most exciting attractions in RuneScape. But should include the location? Do you think what kind of elements should appear in the 3 RuneScape? 3 RuneScape just have these, please if you are about RuneScape trailer, what is it?

3 RuneScape is up to you to decide who should be what kind, natural, we are very want to get your help and the trailer! Send our iconic places, the most beautiful scenery, the best RuneScape game screenshot, you can have what you said in the trailer RuneScape. We will through the pictures you send, and use them to identify paths, we need hero around Gielinor. Send your screenshot we also is very simple. Just upload photos to pictures in Facebook and label of RuneScape. Tag images need help? A handy guide, please click here.

We need to ask is, each participant will be no more than three images, then you screenshots to show, including a very brief description. For details, see in our BBS theme. To capture a screen shot only needs one second, might cause that's great, we have been looking for. So, we send you the screenshot and help us create a trailer, it's up to you!

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