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White cat22 died in HCIM OSRS

Sep-11-2017 PST

Recently,received a bad news is white cat 22 has died in the HCIM (Hardcore Ironman Mode).What is Hardcore Ironman Mode? What the death meaning of Hardcore Ironman Mode players? And who killed for the white cat22? Please read on the details and continue to buy cheap RS gold.


Hardcore Ironman Mode Introduction

Hardcore Ironman Mode is one of the most challenging ways in OSRS to play. You must be done alone . and the smallest mistakes potentially your will game over! So please remember your challenge of only one life, please cherish it! Your only life will only be claimed by a dangerous death, so you safe deaths is good choose.


Why the Hardcore Ironman players will death?

1. This is game is difficult and challenging;

2. The players life is only one, in addition, many standard restrictions;

3. XP and total level on the Hardcore Ironman highs core table will be locked.


Who killed for the white cat22?

Cording the video, white cat22 has been killed by the Deranged Archaeologist . it is a Boss on Fossil Island, at the southern of the Tar Swamp. After the news out, the boss has dropped the most popular glory of the amulet. Today, many players complain that so easy to get it,but now replaced by crystal keys.


Anyway, white cat22 will not stop in his Hardcore Ironman journey, let's give the wish to him. if you need more of cheap RS 2007 gold and RS 3 Gold on


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team