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Welcome to Summer Beach Party

Jun-30-2015 PST

Hero's Welcome | Summer Beach Party

A legendary Fremennik hero-turned-god comes place vogue in Hero's Welcome: RuneScape's latest quest!

Head over to Lumbridge Crater, too, and take part the Summer Beach Party.

In Hero's Welcome, you may meet the mighty V – acknowledge to those of you who've finished whereas Guthix Sleeps - as he returns to his individuals.

You'll begin a series of dangerous raids on Dragonkin lairs, and uncover a number of their darkest secrets. Be prepared for combat, as there will be lots of fierce foes to fight, however you'll have brains additionally as muscle to succeed.


Prevail and you may earn hearty helpings of XP, higher yields once runecrafting, and access to new areas containing scourge ore and adamant dragons. there is conjointly a repeatable boss fight, which may drop new throwing weapons and a tradeable level seventy five cape.
Summer Beach Party

The Summer Beach Party is fully swing, creating Lumbridge Crater the place to be till the top of August!



Head to the beach party and take a glance around. it is the ideal place to relax along with your friends, participate in your favorite D&Ds via the portal hub, and luxuriate in some sun-soaked activities – and obtain some distinctive rewards.

Fight Clawdia: At forty five past each hour, killer crustacean Clawdia can spawn at the crater within the middle of the beach party. Her injury scales to your life points, thus everybody will dive in and facilitate drive her back.
Build sandcastles: Follow the clues given to you by the near  guests and build the correct castles for Construction XP.
Fish at the rock pools: forged a line, sit back and find some Fishing XP whereas you are at it. Drop off the fish at the barbecues for further XP.

Bust out the barbecue: Hit the barbecue stands and earn change of state XP.
choose coconuts: Gather coconuts from the palm trees for Farming XP, then deposit them at the coconut back for further XP.
strive the coconut back: check your ability at the coconut shy and earn Ranged XP.

More activities square measure returning over successive few weeks. Keep an eye fixed on the news!

Every quarter-hour one amongst the XP-giving activities are spotlighted, and it'll yield +10% XP. Note that iron man players earn five hundredth less XP for collaborating in beach activities.

You can keep earning XP till your temperature gauge fills up fully, though this could be reset up to a few times every day by overwhelming ice creams.

First up, there square measure variety of handy things that you simply will earn by fighting Clawdia and collaborating in alternative beach activities:


Ice cream: This tradeable item resets a full temperature gauge to zero. you'll be able to fritter away to a few per day.
Anti-sun potion: conjointly tradeable, this item provides a +5% boost to any XP attained on the beach – that features beach activities and the other coaching done there. The result lasts for twenty-four hours (real time, not time spent logged in).
Cocktails: These are available in four fruity flavours, every boosting XP gain during a completely different cluster of skills – combat, artisan, gathering and support. By drinking a lot of of an equivalent sort, you'll be able to stack the XP maximize to 100%. The result lasts for half-hour of logged-in time.

You can get these things from fighting Clawdia, from collaborating within the numerous beach activities, and by handing during a beach party price ticket from the recent Summer Raffle.


There's conjointly a rare likelihood to urge a tradeable token which will be ransomed for one amongst many new beach things. These embody cosmetic weapons and headgear, emotes and more:

    Bunting whip
    Stick of rock
    Throwing echinoderm
    Bucket head
    Clawdia hat
    Dragon ring
    Buried in Sand resting animation
    board play
    Beach ball
    Throwing disc

There'll be new additions to the obtainable things over the approaching weeks – we'll allow you to understand within the news.

Note that the tokens can mechanically become untradeable at the top of this year.

These items can even be purchased from the vendors round the beach for RuneCoins, as will challenge gems, dwarven challenge barrels, party packs and masterwork music boxes.

Finally, there is a bunch of secret rewards obtainable for fulfilling bound conditions on the beach. rejoice discovering them!
Seasonal Hiscore Reruns

There'll be happening reruns of previous seasonal Hiscores, command weekly from first Gregorian calendar month. Here's once you will vie to unlock a number of RuneScape's most sought-after titles:


 first July: Clue scrolls | the Puzzle Hunter
 eighth July: Red imp kills | someone of Imps
 fifteenth July: Life points well | Piggy
 twenty second July: Stealing Creation reward points | Master of Clay
 twenty ninth July: someone Tower kills | , descendant of Viggora
 fifth August: Chronicle Fragments offered | Chroniclator
 twelfth August: Fun weapon injury to K'ril | Slapsaroth
 nineteenth August: Dominion Tower: Endurance mode | Ruler of the Tower
 twenty sixth August: geographic area PvP kills | Scourge of the Wild
 second September: Herbs big | the Gardener
 ninth September: Solo complexness half-dozen dungeons | the Delver
 sixteenth September: Solo Zilyana kills | Zilyana's scourge
 seventh October: Deaths | The Late
 fourteenth October: Undead kills | trained worker


Live Streams on

Each we tend toek we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and a lot of. Watch our streams and notice a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.

Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you'll have uncomprehensible – as well as last week's Raids teaser!

Developer QA - Invention Special | 16:00 UT1, weekday thirtieth June

Mods John Osborne, Moltare, Ollo, Timbo and James are on the lounge on to answer all of your concerning|questions on|questions about} our new elite skill: Invention! you'll be able to ascertain a lot of about it in Mod Timbo's Dev diary.


Ask your queries on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter victimization the hashtag #RSDevQA.

Beach Party time of day | 20:00 UT1, weekday thirtieth June

Summer is here, and it is time to bust out the beachwear! The Lumbridge Crater Beach is hit time of day with Mods JD and Jon, and you may be obtaining XP buffs and raised drop rates for the total hour on all the stalls!

Join USA for flip-flops, frolics, sun and sand, and find a tasty XP boost within the bargain!

Make good on those mead hall boasts within the new quest, then sit back and relax on the beach. Summer's well and really here, thus rejoice and provides USA your feedback over on the forums.


The RuneScape Team
In alternative News

Visit the Summer Beach Party this weekend to search out surface-to-air missile and his Fourth of Gregorian calendar month search and balloon drops.
 you'll be able to currently click '+' within the Bank interface to get bank boosters, and 'Buy' within the Wardrobe interface to get cosmetics.