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Vic Only Accepting Bonus XP Until the End Of October 5th

Oct-01-2014 PST

Got more Bonus XP than you need? Stop by the Swap Shop in the next seven days and hand it in for some awesome rewards.


Until the end of 5th of October 2014 (UK Time), Vic the Trader has set up shop by the Burthorpe lodestone, and will take any Bonus XP you're willing to part with in exchange for credits in his store.

These credits can buy you some much sought-after rewards, including:


    XP lamps: these grant less XP than you'll give in exchange, but immediately and in any skill.
    Fallen stars: let you switch Bonus XP to a preferred skill - also at a lower rate of exchange.
    Skilling outfits: pieces of the gemstone golem, diviner, artisan, sous chef, blacksmith, botanist, farmer, First Age and shaman outfits.
    Cosmetic items: including the flying goblin hat and swagger stick.
    And much more: such as dungeoneering tokens, protean bars and planks and shark fists!


Note that the Bonus XP cost of credits for each skill will increase as you spend Bonus XP from them.


Vic's only accepting Bonus XP until the end of October 5th, so don't delay. He'll be around afterwards, but only to exchange credits for rewards.