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Vampyre Quest and Floor 61 Quest

Dec-31-2014 PST

In the 6th installment of your Myreque collection, your extended raging combat with the vampyres of Morytania will eventually get to its top. For years, you possess helped the Myreque inside their have difficulties, developing weapons, taking and bases minimal jabs at the foe. Finally, the time comes to affect the hurting blow. You will finally face Drakan, in the battle of suitably legendary proportion!




Of course, you simply will not go unprepared. The pursuit will spot you find Safalaan accurate prospective, using it as well as Vanescula assist to all set on your own for that ultimate deal with-away. You may yet again work together with people in the Myreque, uncovering Ivan Strom function in this tale and exposing unforeseen facts about fellow members.


You will infiltrate Drakan castle in the heart of Darkmeyer, once again using your vampyre disguise to pass undetected towards its gates, when you are ready for battle. Once you are inside those foreboding walls, who knows what troubles await you. Will your disguise actually trick Drakan him self?


The 6th Myreque pursuit guarantees exposed secrets and techniques, alarming twists and difficult battle. Will you return to Morytania to destroy the vampyres once and for all? Fortress Drakan will be your own property to explore easily once the pursuit, and will also uncover combat and skill changes, along with provide you with much more the opportunity to act like a vampyre.


When Daemonheim was uncovered a strange potential shook the world. Every single player felt its impact over the entirety of Gielinor. That which was that energy? What actually transpired to Bilrach? Now the chance to learn.



Ground 61 delivers solutions to each one of these concerns and would it within a way you would not expect. You be will exploring one particular enormous, community-trembling occasion from numerous viewpoints. These is going to take the type of several subquests: a single time you might be enjoying as Thok, clattering his way from the beasts of Floor 61 on the best way to the base of Daemonheim. Another minute, you might enjoy as Bilrach, executing an enigmatic ritual. The accounts will overlap and intertwine, pushing anyone to question who is able to be trustworthy and who are unable to.


When the airborne dirt and dust settles, we will give you the chance to undertake the function of merely one of RuneScape's most legendary figures as you may return to state your brand new dominion. Flooring 61 will certainly be a grandmaster quest, requiring finalization of all the sagas. Once full, Ground 61 can also be added to your selection of dungeoneering flooring surfaces, and will be accessible once for every prestige manage for added benefits along with the peculiar surprise!