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Vampire Slayer OSRS

Jan-09-2018 PST

Recently, we had release that many guides about the Old School RuneScape. Today, let's continue releasing that the Vampire Slayer quest for Novice. Complete Vampire Slayer with an Attack level of 1 will gain 19 Attack levels.


First , you need the following items:


1) Hammer or 1 coin for purchase


2) 2 coins or a beer (can be bought during the quest)


3) Garlic (can be obtained during the quest)


4) To start this quest, find Morgan in Draynor Village and talk to him.


The quest:


1. After talking with Morgan about a vampire, go upstairs of Morgan’s building and receive garlic from a cupboard.


2. Go to the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock, and talk to Dr Harlow who wants you to buy him a beer. Buy it from the bartender, and then Dr Harlow will give you a stake.


3. Make sure you have a weapon, armour, food, garlic, a hammer, and the stake, and take them to Draynor Manor. Once inside, go east towards large stairs that lead downwards. Go down them. There will be a coffin and the vampire Count Draynor will pop up and attack you. Kill him to complete the quest.


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Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team