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Updates on Diverse Dungeons in Runescape

Apr-28-2017 PST

Recently, Jagex has updated on Diverse Dungeons, which has changed Nieve's Stronghold Slayer Cave. In Gielinor, you can find a lot of creatures relocated to different kinds of new and existing dungeons. Now, let's see detailed information as below.


Nieve's New Cave

In Nieve's Cave, there are a number of monster you can find with more spawns and more space.


The Chasm of Fire

There is a a worrying chasm in the northern end of the Shayzien Encampment. However, it is not easy to enter and dark with hordes of demons. If you enter there, you can find Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Black Demons. The deeper you go, the stronger your demon foes will become.


Taverley Dungeon Expansion

In Taverley Dungeon Expansion, you can find many Black Dragons and Baby Black Dragons.


Kraken Cove

Kraken Cove is relocated in South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. In Kraken Cove, you can find a number of Waterfiends.


Kalphite Hive

Kalphite Hive is relocated in Kharidian desert outside of the Shantay Pass. On top of being relocated, you can find a few more spawns found within the area.


Brimhaven Dungeon Expansion

This is a new area added to the West of the metal dragons. Go to West of Tai Bwo Wannai, you can entry quickly the deeper parts of Brimhaven Dungeon with many metal dragons.


Slayer Tower Dungeon

In Slayer Tower, you can find some basement dwelling creatures. But the new area found beneath the Slayer Tower is single-way combat and is not cannonable.


Smoke Devil Dungeon

The smokey area has been relocated to be south of Castle Wars. This area has also been given a new lick of paint - but its layout remains unchanged.


Note that All of the monsters in the areas listed below are only killable on task.


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