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Update for RuneScape Beta version in HTML5 Client

May-02-2013 PST

In a few weeks, we will put our focus on efforts to optimize the client of RuneScape. Now, hysteresis and low frame rate makes the beta for part of the players is slow, this is clearly an interesting experience. It is interesting to note that affect performance, and not just to how strong - even in your computer is video card driver or computer specification frame rate appears to be small differences can also has a great influence. Similarly, some position in the game can run normally, but others may be very slow. These are we must eliminate the example, and demonstrate why your feedback is very useful. We are confident that we will get there - we already see some specifications of the PC configuration in HTML5 client running in a good frame rate, so we are running well!

In the coming weeks, we will through graphical burr fixed work, ensure that all the water in the RuneScape game looks is normal, and all the sky environment is also normal. Water can you see in RuneScape Gold, is only the basic version of our new water, you will see our implementation of the new technology to further improve.

Last week, we launched the first RuneScape alpha release of the new interface system. Your feedback has been a first-class - very constructive, creative and insightful. MOD ThatJim released in NIS comments and discussion BBS and shape the characteristics of the team is working on the next according to your suggestion. For more information as the NIS alpha build update later this week.

It is still early days, and have significant improvements with RuneScape HTML5 client, in the coming weeks and months. You help bring life and the new technology to make a better RUNESCAPE experience, so thanks to all involved!