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Tweaks on Runescape Chambers of Xeric and Sort of Friends lists

Apr-07-2017 PST

As Easter holiday is approaching, Jagex has made some adjustments to the Chambers of Xeric, the sorting of your Friends lists and a pile of bugfixes.

Easter Holiday Event

If you help the Easter Bunny's son to spice up the mix for the chocolate eggs on the remote land of Wester Island, you will get the prestigious new Easter Egg Helm. In addition, there's a big pink bunny seeking your help for his egg-delivering business.

Chambers of Xeric

Based on the feedback of players, Jagex has changed some of the chambers within the raiding dungeon to help with the nastier rooms.


The dragon warhammer's special attack has not changed when you successfully deal damage. When you succeed, it can be 30%, while you fail, it can only be 5%.


In Vespula's room, now you can earn more reward points when you deal damage and when you destroy the ground, you also can get some potions.


Vanguard's health increase to 33% while they use healing trick.

Corrupted scavenger

In the thieving chests room, you will earn double reward points for each grub deposited into the trough. What's more, the scavenger will need less food than before as well.

Sort of Friends lists

Friends list now can be sorted by their online status. With the new sorting arrows, longer Friends lists can be allowed in the clan setup menu. Pay attention to hang around dangerous areas while you sort your friends' ranks.

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