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Treasure Hunter Valentine is 2016

Feb-15-2016 PST

Snuggle up reception and treat yourself this February with our Valentine’s event and goodies!


From 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time on the eleventh February till 23:59 Greenwich Mean Time on the fifteenth February, you'll collect Valentine’s petals through Treasure Hunter, skilling and killing, and daily challenges.

Simply click on the petals in your inventory to open the Valentine’s Store interface. There, you'll unlock rewards from this year’s Valentine’s event, yet as Valentine’s loot from 2015 and 2014.


If you’re running low on Valentine’s petals, attempt checking out our hidden Easter eggs! There area unit 2 to seek out and that they can reward you with a further twenty five petals every.


The Scepter of Enchantment is that the main attraction of this year’s Valentine’s event! Fuel the employees with two hundred petals to convey it a charge, then slam it to the bottom for a forty five XP boost and a life purpose boost for twenty-four hours. Any player World Health Organization is within the section of the player once the employees is activated can receive a two XP boost and balefire health boost for two hours.


Note: These boosts won't stack. If the affected player is hit by the two XP boost then activates their own scepter, they're going to receive the initial 4WD XP boost. The Scepter of Enchantment will solely be activated once every day. traditional balefire boost doesn't stack with this health boost either.


This year’s Valentine’s Day prizes additionally include:

    Straightforward Masquerade Mask
    Follower pet, Helps, the hobgoblin manservant
    Elegant Masquerade Mask (includes a novel walk animation)
    Valentine’s Masquerade play
    Masked ball Outfit override


You will even be able to purchase things from previous Valentine’s Day events. The 2015 things is bought at any time throughout the event exploitation the petals. Once you have got collected all of the 2015 things, you may be able to get the Crown of the Fallen from the Valentine’s store.


Make sure you utilize your Valentine’s petals soon! Valentine’s petals can become untradeable on the twenty ninth February before being off from game on the fourteenth March.


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