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Treasure Hunter Skill Outfit Bonanza Returns

Apr-07-2014 PST

Need an extra piece or two to complete the Blacksmith's outfit? Missing some of the Diviner's outfit? Complete your collection this week on Treasure Hunter from Wednesday the 26th of March, 00:00 GMT, the skill outfit bonanza returns!


Wearing each part of a skill outfit grants you a 1% increase to XP gain while training its associated skill. Wear all five parts and that increases to 6%! Usually very rare on Treasure Hunter, your chances of bagging a skill outfit are massively boosted this week!


Here’s the outfits you can win during each day of the promotion:

Wednesday 26th: Diviner (Divination)
Thursday 27th: Botanist (Herblore) and Sous Chef (Cooking)
Friday 28th: Blacksmith (Smithing) and Artisan (Crafting)
Saturday 29th: First Age (Prayer) and Shaman (Summoning)
Sunday 30th and Monday 31st: All seven outfits!


Unlock the chests of Treasure Hunter between Wednesday 26th March 00:00 GMT and Monday 31st March 23:59 GMT for your best chance of winning these seven skill outfits. Get help converting this to your local time.