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Treasure Hunter Pulse Cores

Apr-10-2015 PST

Earn pulse cores on Treasure Hunter this weekend and facilitate your friends with stackable XP buffs.


Available from 00:00 UTC on tenth Gregorian calendar month it’s an excellent manner for you and your friends to learn from skilling along.


Pulse cores stack in your inventory or your pocket slot, and every acts sort of a chunk of Bonus XP, granting you exaggerated XP in no matter talent you’re coaching.


When a core depletes, it kindle a pulse wave, granting everybody in immediate locality a two XP boost for ten minutes, and another profit like replenished prayer or life points, or stat boosts to many talent levels.


This can collect to 5 times, for a most of 100% XP boost, and every pulse that affects a player can renew the ten minute period.


Note that you just don't receive the ten minute XP buff from depletion of your own pulse cores – solely others’ cores. Also, man accounts cannot receive the buffs.


So top off, gather some friends, and settle certain  some impressive XP gains.


Treasure Hunter could be a minigame – playable from among RuneScape - wherever players use Keys to assert in-game things as prizes. These vary from helpful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.


Playing Treasure Hunter is easy – click the chest icon that pops up once you log in. If you have not compete before, simply follow the on-screen guide.


Everyone gets a minimum of one Key per day, and RuneScape members get 2. you'll earn additional Keys whereas taking part in the sport, or top off by redeeming Bonds.


If you want additional, you'll additionally get Keys on the web site, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' among the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.