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Treasure Hunter Meteor Storm

Jan-22-2016 PST

Treasure Hunter | Meteor Storm

Keep a glance out for shooting stars over consequent few days - there is a Meteor Storm on!


Head to Treasure Hunter between 00:00 coordinated universal time on the twenty first Gregorian calendar month and 23:59 coordinated universal time on the twenty fifth Gregorian calendar month, to urge your hands on meteorites and area dirt. These 2 can replace lamps and stars throughout the promotion’s period and can grant users twenty fifth additional XP or Bonus XP compared to plain lamps and stars.


On prime of that, if you employ any meteor or area dirt on your lowest 5 skills, you'll receive an additional five hundredth XP bonus on prime of that, adding up to a grand total of seventy fifth additional XP than you’d sometimes get from a standard lamp or star! Your 5 eligible talents are highlighted within the talent choice interface therefore you'll be able to quickly apply your bonuses to your required skill.


Note: If one or additional of your 5 lowest skills is ninety nine, your lowest talent are supported your quantity of XP.


Use this promotion to your advantage and obtain your previous couple of levels before Invention releases on the twenty fifth January! bear in mind, you'll want level eighty Divination, Crafting and Smithing to be ready to train Invention.


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