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Treasure Hunter Metallic and Chromatic Dragon Trinkets

Apr-15-2016 PST

Dragon Trinkets area unit back in Treasure Hunter, this point in an exceedingly 2 forms – chromatic and gold. each types reward you with super gains for searching down dragons. Let’s go slaying!


From 00:00 UT1 on ordinal April till 23:59 UT1 on eighteenth April, dragon trinkets is found in Treasure Hunter chests. These stackable things sit in your jewelry slot or inventory, and can be spent for impressive effects once fighting dragons of an identical class (metallic or chromatic):


 five-hitter probability to instakill a dragon you're fighting.

 Grant you extra mortal XP for execution a dragon, without having a mortal task to be appointed to you. Note that the XP rewards for chromatic dragons are doubled from last time!

 Auto-noting and auto-looting bones and bars/hides.

 Transport to a dragon location for a price of five trinkets.


 With the exception of teleports, these effects can occur mechanically whereas you’re packing trinkets. For full details, verify the Rewards and novelty prices section.


You'll be able to convert one reasonably novelty to the opposite by employing a right-click choice. The charge per unit is one gold novelty for five chromatics trinkets. you'll be able to convert each ways that.


Below you'll realize tables particularisation the novelty price of activating every bonus whereas battling dragons.


Refill on this handy Slayer-boosting resoruce whereas you can!


As another bonus, all prismatic stars and lamps grant twenty fifth further XP within the following mortal and combat skills: mortal, Constitution, Attack, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Strength, Summoning, Prayer.


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