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Treasure Hunter Lost blade of Raddallin

Oct-22-2015 PST

Treasure Hunter | Lost Sword of Raddallin

Amid the chaos of the Kinshra invasion, a mysterious chest has been uncovered in Falador Park...rumoured to carry the Lost blade of Raddallin.

From 00:00 UTC on twenty second Oct till 23:59 UTC on twenty sixth Oct, use a special talent on a daily basis to prise open the chest and claim the mighty weapon among.

How to Play

Speak to Darla in Falador Park if you would like a full run-down of however the event works.

The skills amendment on a daily basis, and there is invariably a free-to-play and members' possibility. make sure to examine back on a daily basis to search out out what it is!

Each day starts at 00:00 UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC – as per the in-game clock.

Work on the chest on a daily basis to earn XP within the day's talent, and increase your personal and community contribution – that unlocks distinctive rewards. To do this, you will need tools.

You'll get a hundred basic tools on log-in, on a daily basis of the promotion. must you miss any, you'll be able to choose them informed later days throughout the event. you'll be able to conjointly obtain tiny (30) and enormous (100) tool packs from the Loyalty Points store – up to ten of every.

Golden tools – that offer twenty five times the contribution, yet as twenty five times the XP if the talent is fifty or over and ten times if the talent is below – will be won on Treasure Hunter.

Tools work for whichever talent is active that day, and might be used 5 times before breaking. Golden tools area unit invariably used initial.

You'll get XP for functioning on the chest, and doing therefore can increase each your personal contribution and therefore the overall community contribution to gap it. you'll conjointly receive commendations for the Invasion of Falador from functioning on the chest.

Rewards area unit unsecured as each contribution levels reach the rewards shown on the interface. These include:

    The blade of Raddallin itself.
    A rise in most level for the blade - up to seventy five.
    One and two-handed cosmetic overrides of the blade.
    A singular stance, shown once the blade (or override) is wielded.
    Mystery boxes, which might contain varied Treasure Hunter goodies, yet as commendations.
    The ultimate mystery box includes a larger yield of prizes – unlock it if you can!

Note that man accounts will participate:

    Man players will get the daily tools and obtain them with LP.
    Man players cannot claim the blade, however will unlock the cosmetic overrides.
    Man players cannot claim the mystery boxes.

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