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Treasure Hunter Easter Eggstravaganza


Treasure Hunter Easter Eggstravaganza

Six Easter eggs to transform you into adorable critters are up for grabs this weekend on Treasure Hunter! Open a chest from Thursday to stand a chance of winning an egg. There are three magical eggs and three enchanted eggs.


Bag yourself a magical egg and you’ll have two options: eat it and heal 200HP, or use it to transform into one of three lovable Easter animals! Depending on which magical egg you have, you’ll transmogrify into a chick, a bunny or a lamb. Move or wait for a brief period to change back.


Once you’ve used a magical egg, it’ll disappear from your inventory. Not so with an enchanted egg! These Easter treats can’t be eaten and can be used as many times as you like to transform into its associated creature for a longer duration, too!

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