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Treasure Hunter Corrupted Chests

Oct-01-2015 PST

The nights ar drawing in, Halloween's on the horizon, and things have gotten dark over on RS Gold Treasure Hunter – time for Corrupted Chests!


From 00:00 Greenwich Time (game time) on first Gregorian calendar month till 23:59 Greenwich Time on fifth Gregorian calendar month, you will see AN ominous-looking charge bar at the highest of the Treasure Hunter interface. Fill this up by mistreatment Keys, by skilling or killing in game, or a mixture.

The bar has four stages. Once you charge it up to those levels, distinctive prizes can become accessible to win in Treasure Hunter chests:


Stage 1 | Dark Lamps & Stars


These work like traditional lamps and stars however provide +10% XP per stage unfastened – that is +40% with the bar maxed!


Stage 2 | carving of Aggression


When activated, this pocket-slot item causes near Cheap RS 3 Gold enemies to attack the player. The result lasts for one hour before the carving degrades to dirt.

Note that this doesn't have an effect on enemies already in combat, unable to attack the player, resistant to tagging or resistant to lighting tricks – like bosses.


Stage 3 | carving of Sacrifice


When activated, this pocket-slot item prevents tradeable item drops reciprocally for +50% combat XP and +50% soul XP. The result lasts for one hour before the carving degrades to dirt.


Stage 4 | carving & Helm of Corruption

Once you Stage four, you'll be able to win or produce the carving of corruption, which mixes the functions of the 2 scrimshaws mentioned on top of. Any that you simply win may be weakened into one amongst every if you wish to use the consequences one by one.


You can additionally win the helm of corruption – a spectacular cosmetic headpiece that tracks your kill streaks. Enemies killed at intervals 15 seconds of 1 another increase the count, and also the helm appearance progressively sinister whenever you hit a 5, 15 and fifty streak. you'll be able to even right-click the helm to search out out your personal best.Buy RS 03 Gold at