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Treasure Hunter Celebration of fireside


Treasure Hunter Celebration of fireside

Blaze a path to Lumbridge Crater and Treasure RS Gold Hunter this weekend for a few flamin' amazing rewards.


From 00:00 UT on the fifth of November till 23:59 UT ninth November, Guido Guy Fawkes is holding a red-hot vacation event in Lumbridge Crater.


Head there for firey fun, and to Treasure Hunter for variable logs, and a few exclusive fire-related consumables.


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Firemakers Sera and hymenopter may be found in Lumbridge Crater, demonstrating dish performing arts and hearth respiratory.


Head there and discuss with them for a free dish and hearth respiratory answer. These may be used at intervals the crater, giving XP in gracefulness and Herblore severally, and alittle Firemaking XP in each cases. you'll be able to obtain additional on Treasure Hunter.


The burning heart of the celebration is a vast fire, which might be accustomed burn logs and burn down bones, with further benefits:


+25% Firemaking XP boost.


Same Firemaking XP boost as braziers for incineration (no Prayer XP boost).


Invariably acts as if 5 folks square measure victimisation it for XP-boosting functions.


Likelihood to save lots of logs (protean included) once burning.


Ironman players will claim the free dish and answer and use them. this may show the animation, however award no XP. iron man players will use the fire, however won't receive the higher than edges from doing therefore.


You'll additionally realize Ilich Sanchez the cook. Speak to him for a free snack, and be happy to use his grills and also the near  bank chests for a spot of cookery coaching.


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