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Treasure Hunter Beach Party

Aug-30-2016 PST

Head to Treasure Hunter between 00:00 UTC around the 18th August for that 23:59 UTC around the 22nd August to help keep stocks within the items you curiosity about perfect beach party.


For the amount of this event, all promotional slots on Treasure Hunter will likely be replaced with loot piñatas and beach boosters that may help you win some of our new and exclusive items.


The loot piñatas have seen a special makeover for the beach party. Place striking your piñatas having an opportunity to win new beach-themed items, including: the surfboard shield, ice lolly wand, Clawdia claws (main hand and off-hand), ink shooters (main hand and off-hand), the beach ball orb, and

Coraline, the most recent seahorse pet.


Keep your eyesight peeled for anybody beach boosters! Skill together within your inventory for additional XP around the beach. They will also stop your temperature gauge from increasing while you’re skilling!


Please Note: If you’re handing in coconuts or fish, a seaside booster will likely be used for each fish or coconut you submit.


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