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Tough and Rewarding Boss Monster Corporeal Beast


Tough and Rewarding Boss Monster Corporeal Beast

The Corporeal Beast is the physical incarnation of the Spirit Beast, and is a very powerful boss monster. Corporeal Beast event will be available on Sunday. Want to catch this and get much reward? You can buy cheap rs gold before on Rsgoldfast.


Where and when will Corporeal Beast be available?


Corporeal Beast will be located in Corporeal Beast's Lair final chamber, world 39, you can challenge this tough but rewarding boss monster Corporeal Beast this Sunday.


What is Corporeal Beast requirements?


Corporeal Beast requires you Completion of Summer's End. A Spear-type weapon and melee gear and a Games necklace are highly recommended.


What drops will you get from Corporeal Beast?


The Corporeal Beast is one of the toughest, but most rewarding monsters in the game to kill. It has five special drops, such as Holy elixir, Arcane sigil, Divine sigil, Elysian sigil and Spectral sigil, as well as other valuable drops, including Cannonball, Green dragonhide and more.


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