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Today the Deadman Mode Permadeath public beta will begin

Nov-23-2017 PST

Ahead of the end of the Deadman Winter Finals on December 9th,Old school Runescape will conducting a beta playthrough of the Permadeath stages. Some important note you should know.




1. November 23rd: The beta playthrough will take place on Thursday 23rd November at 2pm GMT (9am EST), you only have 15 minutes to login and prepare. The event is expected to last around 90 minutes but will run through to its completion.


2. December 4th: The Winter Finals will set in at about 12:00 PM GMT on December 4.


3. December 9th: Until 7:00 PM GMT on December 9, the Finals will reach the climax in the Permadeath Stage. Please ensure to stay tuned on their official Twitch, live from 7:00 PM GM


If you want to join ,login and get the inventory and gear,but some changes you should know.


Final 1v1 Stage


Players will be assigned to one of the above final area locations randomly once the Permadeath stage begins, with the fog being specific to each player. There are 128 surviving players will be sent to a random, independent arena. These players regardless of level, location, equipment and a set of seven 1v1 fighting brackets.(more details)


Finally, OSRS team provides the dedicated forum reporting for all players participating in this beta playthrough , and if you have any about this beta playthrough ideas you can providing feedback.


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Rsgoldfast Team