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Today the Ancient Relic RuneScape you can get

Dec-20-2017 PST

If you miss the Advance Pulse Core yesterday, don't worry, you can retrieve it before Jan 9.And know I will tell you what the Ancient Relic RuneScape from today and where you can found that.


Maybe you can found them partially buried in these places:


1) North-east of the gnome glider in Al Kharid;


2) East of the Draynor Bank;


3) North-east of the Edgeville furnace;


4) South of Explorer Jack's house in Lumbridge, within the castle grounds;


5) North-west of the Port Sarim lodestone;


6) North of the Varrock Museum, south-east of the estate agent;


7) South of the southern East Ardougne bank, west of The Poison Arrow pub ;


8) In the middle of the three southern houses in Seers' Village;


9) North of the Yanille lodestone;


All in all, wish you good luck to finding Ancient Relics for RuneScape Coin. And don't forget you can retrieve it before Jan 9. Seasons greetings from Rsgoldfast and Merry Christmas! Buy the cheapest RuneScape gold on


Best wishes on this holiday season!


Rsgoldfast Team